Sunday, June 19, 2016

Whither EGI Notes and Der Movement

Critiquing the "movement's" confederacy of dunces.

Readers of this blog note that I am very critical of the racial nationalist “movement” (past and present), particularly, but not exclusively, that of the USA.  I focus on analysis of several sites and groups that represent some of the major strands of Der Movement’s orthodoxy. Amren and VDARE represent the more moderate, Paleocon-HBD-immigration restriction activists who are somewhat Jew-friendly; on the other end of spectrum is the anti-Semitic, Nordicist (while pretending to be pan-European or pan-Aryan), and Neo-Nazi National Alliance; in between one can observe the HBD-oriented, anti-Jewish, and Nordicist Occidental Observer; the somewhat anti-Jewish, traditionalist-minded Counter-Currents that is favorable to Hitler but makes a careful distinction between New Right and Old Right; there are other, more minor precincts to sometimes follow as well.  There is the more general “Alt-Right” – Spencer at Radix, Roissy and the HBD gamesters, the more general HBD crowd, and other groups and blogs.  Rarely, I’ll consider Majority Rights, which seems to now promote a bizarre Asiaphilic “Silk Road White nationalism” – an anti-Russian form of Dugin’s Eurasianism.  There are others as well, but that covers many of the main focal points of Der Movement's dogma.

So, what is the point of this criticism? I have outlined the foundation of a New Movement at my other blog, Western Destiny.

But a New Movement will be forever blocked from development as long as the far-right niche space is occupied by an entrenched failed Old Movement.  It is therefore important to demonstrate why the Old Movement is a failure and will continue to be so, why it is stupid and illegitimate, and why it must be destroyed.

I understand that this is a message most “activists” do not want to hear.  I know that most posts here get pathetically low numbers of page views, except in those cases in which the posts are linked to at some more established “movement" site.  Who wants to listen to (actually, read) a swarthoid bringing bad news?  Better to listen to (or read) those who are “one of the boys” of Der Movement’s “amen corner” spewing forth all of the fossilized dogmas and telling us all will be well.  We are close to victory!  Der Tag is coming soon!  We will be victorious through the efforts of the undercuts of the Alt-Right, who will be led into battle by a galloping Johnred Derbyfogle, a bit in his mouth, ridden by warrior maid “Rosie,” riding crop in her hand, channeling the HBD fervor of her Mongol ancestors!  And, then, Big Daddy Putin and Big Daddy Trump will rule over us, guided by the wisdom of Saint William of Pierce, Saint Richard of Lynn, and Saint Adolf of the Closely Cropped Moustache!

Sorry folks, ain’t gonna happen.

So, my point is to deconstruct the Old Movement, get it out of the way, to make niche space for something better.  Is that a realistic objective?  Probably not.  The same stupidity and obstinacy that has led Der Movement to institutionalized failure will likely prevent any realization that things need to change.

I’ll keep trying though.