Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Peek Into the Mindset Behind Der Movement's Affirmative Action Policy

It cuts both ways for Der Touchback.

An idiot writes:
People are missing the subtext of why so many Republicans are anti-Trump. It's all about identity; not just racial identity, but national and ethnic identity. Romney and the Bushes are as American as apple pie. Their families are from the original colonial stock and they are distant relatives of millions of Americans. We may not like their political stances, but we identify with their behavior, manners, accents and so forth. There is a familial trust at play: my cousin may be a dunce, but he surely won't betray the family. With Trump , it's the opposite; he's an outsider, an other - with foreign manners, a weird ethnic accent and a lifetime of public behavior that is starkly at odds with those oldtime American pieties. It's good to be wealthy, but flaunting wealth is gross. The Howard Stern-type of vulgar sexuality is horribly offensive to proper Americans. And to be associated with gambling in any way - heaven help us! 

So Trump made some comments about illegal immigration. That's not the problem. Trump is very immigrantish himself, that's his problem. We don't trust him. He's not one of us.

Putting aside the amusing fact that at least within Der Movement the German-Scottish Trump is viewed as "one of us" and hence acceptable, the above comment is an interesting peek into the mindset of the typical "movement" "activist." Forget for a moment that the comment deals with Trump and that the comment itself is somewhat absurd (many Southern Whites of old stock ancestry support Trump and his alleged "ethnic" ways). Focus instead on the structure of the argument itself. Romney and Bush may be the worst of race traitors, Jeb is married to a Mexican with mixed-race children, they "betray the family" at every opportunity, and Trump - for all his faults (and they are legion) - is infinitely better for "the family" than are Romney and Bush. It doesn't matter. What matters is that Romney and Bush are each "one of the boys" so they should be supported, and Trump opposed, for that reason. Trump is untrustworthy not because he is in fact an ignorant buffoon who backpedals on all his stances (is Romney any different?), but because he is "not one of us." 

Why do "movement" "activists" support "leaders" who are openly and grossly and hopelessly incompetent and/or liars and/or corrupt and/or stupidly naive, etc.? The same reason a person who reads Radix would put Romney and Bush above Trump as acceptable political leaders. 

And by the way, how is Bill Clinton's behavior any better than that of Trump? Doesn't Bill also have "a lifetime of public behavior that is starkly at odds with those oldtime American pieties?"