Sunday, July 17, 2016

Arrogant Asians and Brexit

Typically breathtaking Asian arrogance.

In a recent issue of Science (a leading scientific journal with a definite leftist slant), there was an anti-Brexit article, on how Brexit is casting a "pall" on British science.  Well, all no surprise, but what caught my attention was the photograph accompanying the article.  The picture showed two "young pro-EU campaigners" protesting Brexit in London by holding up a sign saying: YOU STOLE OUR FUTURE.

Who were these protesters?  A South Asian female and an East Asian female.  Well then! That basically summarizes the problem with the EU, doesn't it - the EU being an organization that promotes the interests of everyone in Europe except for native Europeans.  Maybe, just maybe, native Europeans want to determine their own destinies, without pushy aliens dictating to them and attempting to shame them.

The arrogance of those two female coloreds is breathtaking.  These invaders - who are not racially or culturally European, do not belong in Europe, and whose presence there is actually stealing the future from native Europeans and their posterity - have the goddamn nerve to whine that their futures are being "stolen" by the dastardly indigenous people of Britain who had the temerity to stand up for their own interests.  These Asians have chutzpah as the Jews would say, or, more vulgarly, "they have big balls."

Here's some advice to these invasive filth: you can take back your futures by going back where you (or your invading ancestors) came from, and leave native Europeans the right to their own future in their own homelands, thank you very much.

Asians - a people whose existential meaning is hatred of Whites.