Saturday, July 2, 2016

Chinese Perfidy in Italy

Another fine example of "Silk Road White Nationalism" I assume.

Hey!  I though Desmond Jones says that Italy is 100% ethnically/racially homogeneous to the end of time, forever and ever, amen.

Seriously though, can one believe the arrogance of these Chinese?  They infest the homeland of another people, cause problems, and then complain and protest when the natives crack down.  Arrogant Asians - is that a redundancy?

Is this an example of the "Chinatowns" in European cities and European borderlands that are going to help "defend the West?"

Asians are your enemy White man, and if Whites survive the current Jewish-led revolt of the Global South, in the long term, the Yellow Peril may turn out to be the greatest peril of them all (*)

*See the end of the chapter "Hitler Takes Command" in Irving's Hitler's War to see Saint Adolf's prudent opinions on that topic.