Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Clarifying Trump. 7/5/16


Going back to this post, I would like to make clear that my objection is not to criticisms of Trump's behavior.  Indeed, as I've stated multiple times, I find the man to be an ignorant, vulgar buffoon who certainly does exhibit some unpleasant and obnoxiously "ethnic" (particularly, New York Jewish) behavioral patterns.  

However, to actually prefer the like of Romney and Bush for that reason, because they act in a more "patrician" style than does Trump, is madness. And, as stated, it reflects certain realities about Der Movement.

Further, it is interesting to examine Trump's appeal in Der Movement.  He is strongly supported by a patrician Anglo-Protestant like Taylor; Celto-Germanics like MacDonald, Buchanan, and Taylor, low-rent English immigrants like "post girlie pictures" Brimelow and child porn apologist Derbyshire; and the crude and vulgar Roissy who asserts himself as a spokesman for Germanic Americans.  On the other hand, while I (a low-rent swarthoid, I presume) will support Trump politically (for now) for strategic reasons, I'm deeply skeptical of the man and I am embarrassed by his crude behavior. Then we have the NA types who reject "Trumpery" - Strom (of Norwegian descent) and Williams (insofar as I know of founding stock descent). Duke - of founding stock descent - has endorsed Trump but, I believe, remains somewhat (and justifiably) skeptical of the man's Jewish connections.

This contrasts to Trump's mass appeal, which mostly is a combination of (strictly Gentile) White ethnic and Southern White support.

One could do an interested sociological study, contrasting "movement" "elites" (sic) with the White masses.