Sunday, July 31, 2016

Cuckadoodledoo, 7/31/16

Der Clueless Movement.

What's Der Movement going to do if and when Der Touchback publicly backpedals like a clown on a unicycle?

What if he is elected and reneges on his promises?

What if he loses the election in an spasm of incoherent cuckiness?

Since he is the "last hope for White America," what then, oh ye "movement" geniuses? What price mindless worship of the buffoonish God Emperor Trump?

With respect to backpedaling, the debates will be the proof of the pudding.  He will be asked about this, and will have to give an answer.

If he stands firm, all well and good, but it is still insanely irresponsible to say he is a "last hope" when he may very well lose and leave us with the same fight for racial existence we have now (does Der Movement counsel surrender in that case)?

If he backpedals, what then?  Will the Trump worshipers resign their "leadership" in Der Movement?