Friday, July 8, 2016

Der Movement in the News, 7/8/16

Two items.

More on the objective worthlessness of Whites.  And who are these RATS not supporting Trump? Who are the GOP voters prissily running away from "racism?"  We saw them in the primaries.

And, again, Metroland sugarcoats Nordicism, except for a few throwaway lines about wops and micks.

And then Der Movement wonders why it makes no headway, while it very...affirmatively, let us say...rejects the non-RATS Whites who tend to be ardent supporters of Trump - the same Trump that Der Movement has been going into onanistic ecstasy over.

One wonders - I assume Mr. Ireland was opposed to affirmative action, no?

What would Willie and Marv think?  Dat right!  Oy vey!

The Emperor Has No Clothes; Der Movement is a fraud.