Saturday, July 16, 2016

HBD, Der Movement, and The Good Shepherd

Missing the point.

I may have written on this before, but all the Der Movements and HBDers breathing heavily about that Pesci scene in The Good Shepherd are missing one of the underlying points of that movie that, intentionally or not, pokes holes in various forms of subtle affirmative action programs historically extant – including in Der Movement itself.

The Wilson family had Yale/Skull-and-Bones and government service as hereditary fiefdoms.  Very well.  How did they do?

Edward Wilson’s father and son were both traitors.  The father killed himself after betraying his country in some unspecified manner.  The son, a completely inept specimen who was a textbook affirmative action case, ruined the Bay of Pigs invasion through pillow talk with his Negress Soviet agent lover.  Edward Wilson himself was inept in his Cold War dealings with the Soviets (although he was effective against the Nazis – surprise, surprise) – not only for letting his moronic son overhear plans for the Cuban invasion, but also for the whole Mironov/Modin fiasco.  And he trusted Englishman Arch Cummings, another traitor.

Further, we learn that his boss Phillip Allen, also “one of the boys,” was completely corrupt.  Was one reason for the apparently superfluous Pesci scene a subtle hint (too subtle for the likes of VDARE apparently) that there was not much difference between the Mafia and the machinations and corruptions of the US government (leading to cooperation between the two)?

I also note as an aside that, apparently, the only problem the Edward Wilson character had with his son marrying a Negress was that she was a (now retired?) Soviet agent.  Wilson’s estranged wife was all on board with the marriage.  Well, why not?  Isn’t that why Wilson out-witted all those nasty racist Nazis in WWII?  One could imagine Edward Wilson in 2016 as a prime cuck, voting for Kasich (or Clinton) and whining about Trump’s “racism.”

Now, whether all this in reality is good or bad is up for debate.  A case can be made that folks like the Wilsons founded and built America and so they have the right to pull the strings and that the scene of interest – which in Der Movement’s mind rivals that of True Romance for ethnic fetishism – is literally justified at face value.  Very well.  But, even if you believe that, you should at least have the honesty to admit that this viewpoint was not the movie’s intention.

The movie was a De Niro production, and De Niro is a leftist – that alone should give the real background (that and the fact he just wanted to give his buddy Pesci – who looks remarkably like Arthur Kemp and vice versa – a role in the movie) for the scene, which is, really, completely superfluous to the basic story line.  But mendacious HBDers and heavy breathing Der Movementers let all of this just fly over their heads.  In particular, let’s not expect any deep thinking from Breezy Steve Sailer.