Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I Thought Asians Were Supposed to be Intelligent


Let's look what a MR blogger writes:
But to say, “We don’t like Kumiko because she’s Asian”, is a laughable and retarded argument.

Er...the whole point of racial nationalism is to consider race first, including the right to reject people because of their race. Now, if Majority Rights wants to redefine itself as a multiracial, multicultural "right-wing" site, then that's their right to do so, but please don't pretend to be a White racial nationalist forum, if you are going to play racial diversity games with the readers.

I don't like Asians. Asians have no business living in White nations. Asians have no business on pro-White racial nationalist sites and blogs. It's called racial nationalism for a reason.

At Majorityrights I am answerable only to two people: GW and DanielS.

Who together with Kumiko constitute all of the bloggers and, literally, half the present commentariat. Hence my comments about Silver, which were addressed to Spencer at Radix, using Majority Rights as an example of a Silver-ruined blog (a case that Kumiko actually helps me make, so thank you).

I am definitely not answerable to Sallis...

That's good. I'm not answerable to you either.

In addition, I don't know who "Thorn" is and I could care less.  As stated above, my recent blog posts that mentioned MR were specifically addressed to Richard Spencer with advice about his blog.  What goes on at MR is not my business, although I certainly have the right to express an opinion about a blog that I was previously involved with. You certainly do not have to accept my opinion; I do not care. I do care what Spencer thinks, since Radix has potential and I do not want it ruined.