Friday, July 29, 2016

Merkel's Other Shoe Drops

Response to terror attacks by NEC invaders against German natives: defends her open door policy, says Germans must continue to be welcoming.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday described recent attacks in the country and across Europe as "shocking, depressing and terrifying," but she refused to back down from an open-door refugee policy that has attracted fierce criticism following recent assaults in the country.

EGI Notes long term predictions:

1. There will be more terror attacks in Germany.

2. Merkel will double down on her policy.

3. More refugees will be "welcomed" to Germany.

4. Yet more attacks will occur.

5. German support for Merkel will increase and she will be re-elected.

6. Terror attacks will continue in France and spread throughout (Western) Europe.

7. Europeans will march in the streets, in large numbers, in defense of refugees and immigrants, and against "hate."

8. Muslim immigration into Europe will be sharply increased.