Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Gay Community's Trump Test

No excuse for "prejudice?"

Trump is undoubtedly the most pro-gay GOP Presidential candidate in recent history. Who else would have had Thiel making a speech talking about proudly being gay and talking about "false culture wars?' Who else would have come our strongly in support of gay rights in their convention speech? Who else has a long, established history of these sort of pro-homosexual "New York values?"

Now, rightist apologists for gays state, or at least imply, that gay support for the anti-White, leftist agenda is in large part due to the association of "the Right" with anti-gay religious intolerance. Let "the Right" be more inclusive and then, problem solved.

Trump therefore is sort of a test. The test is so far not being passed:
For those hoping Trump's nomination will improve the party's reputation among gay rights proponents, there's another challenge: Mainstream gay rights groups have denounced Trump, arguing that tolerance for one minority group doesn't excuse prejudice toward others — like Hispanics and Muslims — or unflattering comments about women. 
"His hatred toward anybody is a huge concern," said Jay Brown of the Human Rights Campaign. "When he attacks women, he attacks us. When he attacks Muslims, he's attacking us."

Emphasis added. Thus, the idea is that one must be tolerant of all minorities in order to be politically satisfactory to gays. If that's the underlying idea there, then that community is inherently hostile to White racial nationalism, with parallels to the Jews being noteworthy.