Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Meaning of Pence

The Movement Megaphone won't discuss certain things.

As some on the Right mourn God Emperor Trump's choice of Pence, those same "truth telling" rightists cannot bring themselves to admit the underlying ethno-political dynamics at play.

Putting aside the animosity of Trump's Jew family for Christie (*), the bottom line is that the choice of Pence is an attempt by the Trump campaign to unify both Lindian American Tribe factions of the GOP behind Trump.  Trump himself appeals to Southern (and Rust belt) Whites as well as to Northeast (including Rust belt) White ethnics.  Pence is designed to appeal (primarily) to the Midwest cucks and to a lesser extent to the New England patricians.

Don't like Pence?  Blame his tribe.

*The media also joyously reports on the ongoing humiliations heaped on fatman Christie by Trump and the Trump campaign  Is that all payback for the prosecution of Kushner the elder?  Who is pulling the strings of Trump as he struts around like Vince McMahon?  Who has the ring through Trump's nose?