Saturday, July 16, 2016

Theories of Aging and a Stupid Female Biologist

Is using "stupid" and "female" in the same sentence redundant?

Re: "Myth" One - that hypothesis may be right or it may be wrong, but her "reasoning" is incomplete. What about natural selection, especially in the group selection context? Offspring may contain less genes of the parents than the parent themselves, but the offspring's gene combinations may be better suited for being adaptive for the environment. On a single family basis, this may be a "wash" (parental genes may be better adapted), but consider the population as a whole.  Compare two populations: one immortal and the other mortal, each within a fixed territory with fixed carrying capacity. The immortal population - assuming they reproduce - will have parents eternally competing with offspring for limited resources, putting a cap on possible reproduction.  Indeed, this would degenerate into a generational struggle for fixed resources - leading the immortals to forgo reproduction or to not invest much in parenting.  This population would not have the genetic flexibility to be fit in changing environments.  The mortal population has each generation dying off, thus enhancing the fitness value of reproduction and parental investment.  This in turn creates a population in which generations succeed one another, allowing natural selection to work, producing a gene pool more flexible in adapting to changing environments.  Therefore, on a mass group level, a population with programmed mortality - which may actually just be a default program to slow down bodily maintenance after reproducing - will be more fit in adapting to changing environments than an immortal population that does not make room for new generations that have novel combinations of genes through sexual reproduction (independent assortment and crossing over).

By the way, isn't it interesting these trash of the type like this "biologist" will invoke the importance of genetic similarity when it comes to parent vs. child, but will have a nervous breakdown if anyone applied the same reasoning to co-ethnic vs. alien?