Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Two More Views on Brexit, 7/5/16

From Counter-Currents.

Mostly good, but why must Brexit be justified by critiques of American "Euro-Mutts" and their imaginary "perpetual identify crisis?" That "identity crisis" exists solely in the "minds" of "movement" "activists" who are desperate to find a reason for decades of "movement" failure - a reason that does not include Der Movement's own incompetence and especially the comical ineptness of Der Movement's quota queen "leadership."

The six founding members of the Union — the Benelux countries and the little European giants, Italy, France, and Germany — had an emergency meeting in Berlin on Monday, June 27, to discuss the future of the European Union…the Germans and French wish to create a “super-state,” i.e., a significant increase in European integration.

But, but, but...I thought that it has always been the dastardly and cunning S. Europeans who were pushing for a greater integration in order to ensnare their N. European colleagues into a more integrated union. After all, that was the majestic opinion of one grand racial expert, an Olympian judge of Mariah Carey's racial provenance.

Could it be that European integration was always pushed predominantly by Germany and France, particularly the former? Say it ain't so!