Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Clarification for Der Movement

Stating things which should be obvious.

Posted by Captainchaos on Wed, 10 Aug 2016 00:51 | #
There are two major problems with the “creative intelligences” that have come and gone here over the years:
1. While their diagnoses of what ails are often brilliant and correct their proposed cures represent a declension into lunacy that reveals a large eccentric streak.
2. They are easily butthurt pussies.
These factors paint a huge target on their backs which makes trolling all but irresistible.

Based on previous comments Mr. Chaos made about me on Majority Rights, I will assume he includes me as one of the "easily butthurt pussies" so described.

Ordinarily, I would ignore such typical "movement" nonsense, but there are some important points to be made here.

First. to be clear: I did not leave Majority Rights due to the stupid antics of low-life trash such as Silver or Desmond Jones. I left because of Guessedworker's reaction (or lack thereof) to such antics, and there's a world of difference between those two reasons.

Now, to be clear again: I've always liked Guessedworker, he provided a forum for me to discuss important topics and I am grateful for him for that, and he is no doubt a sincere activist. But, in my opinion, he failed in his leadership role in running his blog. I expected to participate in a serious forum of discussion of important issues, not an insane asylum of nutcases, obvious frauds and trolls, vulgar lunatics and the like. The problem that made me go my own way (which I am better suited for anyway, I make a poor follower, this I admit) was one of failed leadership, not of being "butthurt" over moronic comments made by laughably stupid jackasses.

"Movement" activists like to assert that we are engaged in a sort of "shadow war." Very well Let's take the military analogy farther. One should view their fellow activists through the prism of "is this the kind of person I would want in a foxhole with me in time of war?'' "Is this the type of person I'd trust to watch my back, trust with my life in a time of deadly danger?" And with respect to the "leadership" of the "movement" (including those who lead multi-member popular blogs) - "is this the type of person I would want as my officer leading me into battle?" As regards the top "leadership" - the likes of Pierce - "is this the type of person I'd want as a general formulating the battle strategy in a war I would have to fight?''

If the answer to any of these questions is "no" then it is time to move on. This is all too serious to waste time otherwise. It has nothing to do with liking someone, or even respecting them or knowing they are sincere. It is not a question of loyalty either - as I said, I appreciate what Guessedworker did to give me a forum and I would not abandon him if he was in danger. I just cannot work with him at his forum because in my opinion it was mismanaged, and I take all of this too seriously to continue in such a situation.

Second, taking all of this seriously, I ask - what kind of degenerate assholes believe that "trolling" serious activists is "irresistibly" justified? Frauds like Silver and demented obsessive fetishists like Jones, I can understand. But anyone who is not a fraud or not a fetishist had better ask themselves whether this is all just a source of personal amusement for them, or are they trying to get something done foe their race.