Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Nick Dean is Right

An intelligent comment on TOO...will wonders never cease.

Nick Dean

August 5, 2016 - 1:56 pm | Permalink
They are not automatically on our side who just admit we’re right about something. Something could be anything.
Lynn’s brand of HBD is a fraud, as a wise blogger has pointed out. We want to preserve our OWN biodiversity. The Jewish authored HBD ideas that eliminate biodiversity as such from discussion, but prioritize behavioural diversity are a threat, not a friend.
I mean, it’s McInnes, ffs!

Nick Dean - 100% correct.

As stated here many times, HBD is a political movement. Now, I sometimes engage in a bit of hyperbole, and say that HBD "wants to enslave Whites to their Jewish and Asiatic masters."

The reality is close to that though.

HBD is all about co-opting racial science and genuine race realism in the service of Jewish and East Asian - also also South Asian - interests. HBDers aim at aracial cognitive elitism, with a favored objective of an admixed Jeurasian elite, consisting of higher-IQ Whites, Jews, and Asians. Racial nationalism is opposed and Salterism attacked; anything that elevates race and kinship over IQ is considered anathema.

That isn't anything any real racial nationalist would, or should, want to have anything to do with.