Thursday, August 25, 2016

Greg is Right, 8/25/16

Some useful points.

Trump, however, is not a White Nationalist. He is a civic nationalist.

Exactly. And he’s not “the last hope for White America” either. The hysterical girlish shrieks of pro-Trump hysteria coming from grown men (well, they are quota queens, so maybe it is understandable) is pathetic.

There is no relationship between Trump and the Alt Right, just a one-way man-crush.

More like a bunch of hysterical teen-aged girls shrieking wildly for Justin Bieber or whoever it is they shriek about these days.

But I really want Mr. Trump to win, so I have been be declining invitations from American mainstream media outlets to comment on Trump and the Alt Right, simply because I do not want to give aid to the lying press’ latest “gotcha” campaign.

That’s good and prudent. One can contrast Greg’s discipline with certain other “movement” figures - who shall go nameless - who are so desperate for attention these days they’d let themselves be interviewed by a middle school class newspaper. It is unnerving to see middle-aged men acting like juvenile jackasses, and hanging on to Trump’s celebrity coattails for his media scraps. 

And then there is the prominent “movement” figure – who shall also go nameless – who almost seems jealous of Trump’s electoral success as a right-wing populist and seems to be trying to passive aggressively sabotage that success.

Hillary Clinton has never gotten anywhere on her own merit. She owes everything to men. She would never have been senator, Secretary of State, or the Democratic nominee without her marriage to Bill Clinton.

Every woman I know of, even personally, in a position of authority has gotten there through the help of men. Why should Ms. Girdle Fats be any different?

No, the Alt-Right has not arrived. No, the Alt-Right has not finally been taken seriously. The Alt-Right is simply being brandished like a swastika or a flaming cross to scare the goyim and to stigmatize a new and potent threat to liberalism and globalization.

That’s correct. Unfortunately, the heavy breathing online and the delusions have already begin.