Saturday, August 27, 2016

Heavy Breathing on the Alt-Right

Delusion is rampant.

In the aftermath of Clinton's boring and predictable speech, the reaction of Der Movement has been, with rare exceptions, well...boring and predictable.

'We're in the news!  This is great!  A breakthrough!  We are now the real rightist opposition! The possibilities are unlimited!  The Establishment is scared and taking us seriously! There's no turning back!  The Alt-Right is now on the national radar!"

Meanwhile, the only sane thing I've read has been from Greg Johnson, who prudently observed:

No, the Alt-Right has not arrived. No, the Alt-Right has not finally been taken seriously. The Alt-Right is simply being brandished like a swastika or a flaming cross to scare the goyim and to stigmatize a new and potent threat to liberalism and globalization.

First of all, as is most likely, the "15 minutes of fame" will wear off quickly, as media attention shifts to Der Touchback's endless backpedaling, or his latest Twitter feud about the length of his fingers or other body parts.

Second, even if attention on the Alt-Right doesn't fade away more or less immediately, I ask: what contingency plans exist, and are being implemented, to take advantage of this new-found attention?  I mean, other than Pepe the Frog memes, undercuts, acting like jackasses while wearing Hawaiian shirts, babbling about useless esoterica, and patting yourselves on the back for "having arrived?"

Further, the Alt-Right needs to ask itself: what is our fundamental agenda with the Trump campaign?  If it is to draw attention to yourselves, to use Trump to advance yourselves and your agenda, well, you've accomplished that, at least temporarily, even though I'm doubtful it will last and even more doubtful you'll accomplish anything of use even if it does last.  On the other hand, if you really want your "God Emperor" to win, then, truth be told, you're really mucking it up.  Even if Trump stands firm and does not backpedal, he is still running as an aracial civic nationalist and not as a WN.  If your top agenda is a Trump victory, then you should have been strictly following Greg Jonson's lead:

But both Leftists and Alt-Right publicity hounds have selfish interests in proclaiming spurious connections. And American voters are stupid or naive enough to believe them. Which worries me, because this election could be really, really close, and the Alt Right canard might put Hillary Clinton in the White House.

But I really want Mr. Trump to win, so I have been declining invitations from American mainstream media outlets to comment on Trump and the Alt Right, simply because I do not want to give aid to the lying press’ latest “gotcha” campaign.

But, no.  As they say, "women don't know what they want," and the worshipful Trump fans of Der Movement, acting as they are like love-struck teen-aged girls, don't know what they want either. Their effeminate girl-crush on Trump has addled whatever "thinking" processes they are (barely) capable of, and they are passive aggressively sabotaging Trump's chances of wining, while doing nothing constructive with the limited and fleeting attention they're getting as a result of months of their "look at me, look at me" antics.

The likely result: more failure, Trump goes down to defeat as a pathetic backpedaling cuck, and that this failure is used as an excuse to move the political direction back to the pre-Trump status quo.

But the anti-Alt Right Left is even worse.  Besides Girdle Fats' ludicrous comments (e.g., that the multiculturalist, anti-fascist Putin is somehow the "Big Daddy" of the international "far-right"), we have all sorts of "experts" talking like idiots.

Two examples.  First, anyone who uses the term "White supremacy" (or its variants) to describe the Alt-Right, or WN in general, automatically disqualifies themselves from being any sort of intelligent commentator on the issue.  Pursuit of one's interests, at the individual or at the ethny level, does not, obviously (that is, obvious to anyone who is not a mendacious retard), make one a "supremacist" of any kind.  Yeah, yeah...hey, don't take that antibiotic - you don't want to be labeled as a "eukaryote supremacist" don't you know!

Second, any talk of how the "far-right" is "promoting violence" against "vulnerable populations" is a completely delusional inversion of reality.  Truth is, Trump supporters are being attacked throughout the country, and whenever these Alt-Righters try to hold any sort of public rally it are they who are the victims of violence.  The only "vulnerable population" in America are the folks who are politically to the right of Jeb Bush.

The only reason these "experts" and "watchdogs" (many of whom are less physically attractive than an actual watchdog) are taken seriously is that the Left has a monopoly on the mass media.  Why else would such charlatans and mountebanks be given any sort of serious forum?