Wednesday, August 10, 2016

More Stupid Comments From Silver, 8/10/16

More stupidity.

Keeping in mind I've extensively written about comic books for Counter-Currents (and have mentioned comics here as well), the following should be considered as expected:

silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ Laguna Beach Fogey • 2 hours agoThe whole idea of Batman - and superheroes/supervillians in general - is so juvenile in conception, and so thoroughly divorced from reality, that it's utterly pointless to attempt to distil profundities applicable to the real world from it. The only grown-ups who care about it are those who look back fondly on their pre-teen escapism. Discussing it as though it were serious art is preposterous.

Let's see now:

1. I'm not sure that the people talking about, or writing about, comics believe they are "serious art" (a straw man argument), but, like it or not, comic books and their cinematic spin-offs are part of modern popular culture (the movies alone are high money makers attracting large international audiences) and as such influence people in ways that can be positive or negative with respect to race. Themes in comics and comic movies are no less useful topics of discussion for meaning as any other media form.

2. Divorced from reality? Is religion any different (keeping in mind that in one of his endless chameleon-like incarnations, Silver at Majority Rights was claiming to be a Christian)? On the superhero side we have the Heaven team, complete with the omnipotent Big Daddy Sky God and his son Jesus, who, you know, walks on water, returns from the dead, cures illnesses and raises the dead, and all sorts of really reality-based powers like that. They have their horde of angels, including "archangels" equipped with nifty swords and horns, to fight the dastardly supervillains from Hell (who have their own powers, origins, and agendas). Don't forget the saints, real life miracle workers who have lived among us (as did Jaysus, praise the lord!). Discussing all of that is, like, all preposterous and stuff. 

3. Hey, do you want to really discuss something juvenile and preposterous? Here's the topic: Donald Trump, the preening, retarded buffoon who is literally worshiped by slavish "movement" and "game" fans of the "God Emperor." Little Silver, riding the crest wave of "movement" Trumpomania by affixing "Trump supporter" to his stupid posts - it is utterly pointless to expect any useful comments from that consistent fraud. 

4. Consistent with point 3, I'm amused by Silver's latest incarnation at Radix as the tough-talking, "passionate" Trump supporter, using racial slurs while those with long memories recall Silver at Majority Rights lambasting the "racists" for their irrational passion and their "stupidly counter-productive" use of racial slurs. Well, you know, for the latest blog infiltration, gotta ride that crest wave of Trumpish vulgar buffoonery! There's a limited shelf life on that, so make hay when the sun still shines, as they say!