Monday, August 15, 2016

Race in the News, 8/15/16

Several items

The liberal media hate, despise, and fear Donald Trump. Never in my lifetime have I seen such an outpouring of malice for one man. Not even the height of the Nixon impeachment crisis saw such vindictive passion.

That is correct. As I have said here before: Hatred of Trump is a proxy for hatred of Whites. Hating Trump with “vindictive passion” is a socially safe way of publicly expressing hatred of Whites in like manner.

All of us “subgroups” who stand outside of “Western civilization” are in danger.
If we’re going to stand against this rising tide of hate, we’ve got to stand together. So let’s keep building bridges. Surely that’s something even we lowly “subgroups” can contribute.

But, hey, “Jews look White to me,” right? Unfortunately, they do not “look White” to themselves.

The Invasion, or perhaps, in honor of Merkel, Der Invasion.

These Republican elites behave as if Trump become the nominee by some sort of coup, some subterfuge, some kind of “act of God,” and not by getting the most votes ever in a Republican primary season. True, he’s running a horrendously bad campaign and is a buffoon. But, that is what the GOP cucks get for ignoring White interests.