Saturday, August 27, 2016

Race in the News, 8/27/16

Several items.

A lot in this article is highly stupid politicized nonsense, but this:

I asked Wells whether my percentage breakdowns of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese meant anything. “Yes,” he said, “but I think it is misleading to go to a decimal place or even to go out two digits.”

Likely has some merit. As a crude, off-the-cuff opinion, I’d say that anything less than 10% is open to reasonable skepticism, less than 5% to more stringent skepticism, and anything in the range of 1% or less is more or less ludicrous (unless strong, reproducible, and definitive evidence is given to say otherwise).

And it’s not only Koreans and such groups that have poor coverage. There are Europeans who, at the higher levels of “significance,” have really large amounts of “unassigned” ancestry.

At best this is marginally better then DNAPrint…about 15 years later. I guess though to get Der Movement to be a bit more skeptical I should praise the test, which will provoke the opposite reaction.

So: 23andme is really good, it’s the best!

The “goddess” Coulter is a documented mudshark, and the “god emperor” Trump is cuckily backpedaling faster than a LSD-dazed clown on a unicycle.

“Suddenly, I just became a huge mainstream celebrity in the intellectual world,” says D’Souza, who was inundated with speaking invitations. He also became a hot commodity among blonde conservatives. After dating Laura Ingraham and then Ann Coulter, he found the ultimate prize in Dixie Brubaker, a beautiful blonde from a conservative California family, whom he had met while working in the White House; they married in 1992. D’Souza admits, “It was my mission to marry the all-American girl.”