Friday, August 26, 2016

Roissy vs. White Nationalism

Stupid gamester.

Surprise, surprise, HBD Gamester comes out against White nationalism, essentially repeating all of Steve Sailer’s dumb arguments, which were refuted (mostly by me) back on Majority Rights:

In practice, though, avowed White Nationalism is a non-starter. Whites aren’t a monolith. Italy looks and operates differently than England which looks and operates differently than Ukraine. There are four primary continental scale races — White, asian, amerind, black — and a nationalism ideology that attempted to place those races under an all-encompassing umbrella term would be viciously mocked and rebuked by popular revolt. There can be no Black Nationalism or Asian Nationalism or Amerind Nationalism. Try telling a Mexican he’s indistinguishable from an El Salvadoran.
Likewise, a White Nationalism movement will fail.

But, a White nationalist “movement” exists, and even the likes of Lothrop Stoddard talked about the “comity” among Whites in general, and the need for a broad White solidarity world-wide. No one has ever said that WN means that all Whites are alike, or should submerge their very real differences under some sort of panmixia, racial, cultural, political, or otherwise. But the similarities outweigh the differences, and in a globalized world where Whites as a race-culture are under mass attack, and where a clash of civilizations is very real (and being actualized in the streets of Western Europe), it makes perfect sense for a nationalist ideology, that has – as one but not the sole component – broad race-culture as the highest point of identification, to come into being.

Then again, it is not surprising that a weasel-faced piece of trash like Roissy – who has promoted miscegenation and has engaged in it himself with Negresses – is against WN. Further, given his lick spittle admiration for Trump, what does that tell you about the aracial civic nationalism of Der Touchback?

Roissy is just another Derbyshire, albeit one that engages in oil-drilling rather than mustard-dipping.