Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What is the Alt-Right?

Reasonably good Taylor video.

As a description of the Alt-Right, that's reasonably good, although I notice certain "movement" websites that would consider themselves part of the Alt-Right were not mentioned.

As I've commented at Counter-Currents, I do not consider myself part of the Alt-Right, for reasons of both style and substance.

Style: I really am not interested in people acting like immature jackasses, Pepe the frog memes, "Game," and the whole emphasis on HBD and IQ. Maybe that has appeal to younger activists (the snark, manosphere, and Pepe nonsense) or to recently converted "normies" (the breathless HBD nonsense), but it's not for me.  I certainly do not want to be part of any group that includes morons like Sailer or absolute pieces of filthy scum like Derbyshire.

Substance: I think that national socialism goes off the charts as regards Alt-Right beliefs. Would someone like Pierce be considered part of the Alt-Right?  I don't think so.  I'm more or less as radical as him, except my ingroup is broader, as it includes all Europeans. Probably, Radix and Counter-Currents are at the absolute limits of the Alt-Right (they are the "right" of the Alt-Right, while the VDARE boys are its "left")