Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What it is Good for the Establishment Goose is Good for the Trumpian Gander

Establishment hypocrisy.

If Trump loses, many factors would be to blame, including Trump’s behavior itself.  It is obvious that a major strategy of the anti-Trump camp is to bait him, make him lose his temper so that he makes injudicious comments that hurt his campaign.  Yes, it did not damage his chances in the primaries (probably helped him there), but the general election is quite different.  Trump is like a bull that cannot resist charging at the red cape of the matador.

But another major reason Trump may lose is the lack of support – nay, the opposition! – to his candidacy by Conservatism, Inc.  Cuck McCain (why do the voters of Arizona keep on returning this melanomic turd to office?) lambasts Trump in defense of alien brown invaders (in this case Asiatic NECs rather than McCain’s usual Mexican fetish). Cuck Ryan critiques Trump constantly, the “Never Trump” campaign has its roots in neoconservatism, the Koch brothers refuse to fund Trump, prominent Republicans and Republican donors endorse Clinton, and dishonorable scum like Jeb Bush, Cruz, and Kasich refuse to honor their “pledge” and thus they do not support the Republican nominee.

Regardless of whether Trump wins or loses, the White base of support for Trump must never forget this, and must turn the tables on the cucks when those cucks come back to beg the “bigots” for their electoral support.

For decades, the Republican Establishment has hoodwinked Whites with the “Liberal Democrat” bogeyman, with the “lesser of two evils” argument.  We had to vote for ultra-cucks like Dole-Kemp, for the Bush family, for McCain, for Romney-Ryan, because to fail to do so would "elect a liberal Democrat.”

But now this same Establishment would allow a liberal Democrat like Clinton to win – in some cases even endorsing her! – because they won’t return the favor and hold their noses to vote for a Republican that they, the imperial Establishment, do not like.

Thus, never again should the White voter be taken in with the Liberal Democrat Bogeyman argument.  In the future, when that card is played, the riposte should simply be: “you didn’t support Trump against Clinton, so we are not supporting GOP Cuck vs. Liberal Democrat Bogeyman.  As you said with Trump, principle is important.” 

What is good for the goose is good for the gander.