Saturday, September 3, 2016

Alt-Right vs. Alt-Wrong

We need the right Right.

What direction should the so-called Alt-Right go now that it has had its fifteen minutes of fame?

Richard Spencer makes good points here about staying “ideological” and resisting co-option, and that is consistent with Greg Johnson’s promotion of the idea that the Alt-Right should be equivalent to White nationalism.  My view on what the Alt-Right should be doing now is described here.

On the other hand, major Alt-Right leaders pitch a bigger tent, leading to my rationale for not associating myself with the Alt-Right, a perspective supported by the presence of the execrable John Derbyshire as a prominent Alt-Right personage.

Essentially, I see two directions available: the Alt-Right direction, which follows the lead of Spencer and Johnson, a more restricted and ideological smaller-tent, with a focus on explicitly White racial nationalism. Then there is the bigger-tent Alt-Wrong direction, exemplified most characteristically by the VDARE boys (Derbyshire, Sailer, and of course Brimelow) and associated precincts of anti-WN HBD “yellow supremacist” “race realism.” This latter group not only includes the likes of the “mustard-dipping” race-mixer Derbyshire, but also the “oil-drilling” race-mixer Roissy.

My advice to the former group, the more genuine hardcore Alt-Righters, is to openly disavow and separate from the latter Alt-Wrong sect, or else dilution and co-option will eventually occur, whether you want it or not.

Alt-Right or Alt-Wrong: It’s in your hands.  Make the right (no pun intended) decision.