Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Alt-Wrong and the Jews

Reject the Alt-Wrong if you want to diminish Jewish power.

Read here, emphasis added: 

Certainly the most basic issue of the Alt Right is that it is entirely legitimate for Whites to identify as Whites and to pursue their interests as Whites, such as resisting attempts to make White Americans a minority. 

That’s the WN Alt-Right faction. For the HBD Alt-Wrong faction, the most basic issue is making America, and the entire West, safe for Jews and Asian “cognitive elitists.” Time for some “measured groveling.”

Although I certainly believe that it’s important for the Alt Right to be aware of the Jewish involvement in White displacement, I think it’s fine that some organizations and Alt Right figures do not discuss Jewish issues.

Unfortunately, those “organizations” and “figures” are outright hypocrites about it. Can’t criticize Jews because of “political reasons” and “let’s not be divisive, they look White to me” and “we concentrate on the White-Black divide” - and then proceed to attack racially European White ethnics.

I have often thought that anyone who hasn’t read a lot in the area and has an IQ of less than 120 should not be allowed to discuss Jewish issues in public.

There goes 99.999999% of Der Movement.

However, as Andrew Joyce has noted, there is a historical pattern where Jews have entered putatively nationalist movements and directed them towards positions that make them “safe for the Jews,” at the expense of developing a true sense of ethnic interests.

Yeah, let’s see: the entire HBD-oriented Alt-Wrong, represented by the “organizations” and “figures” mentioned above.

Moreover, when pro-European-American groups feel it judicious to be silent about the role of the organized Jewish community in our current malaise, this must be seen as an expression of Jewish power.

Sure. Which means that dem dere wops and hunkies must have very little power indeed, by comparison.

Even worse, it prevents these organizations from making explicit attempts to oppose the very real power that the organized Jewish community and other strongly identified Jews continue to exert in a wide range of areas in opposition to the interests of European-Americans. Again, the best role for Jews in these movements is to be vocal critics of the Jewish community and its role in the dispossession of European-Americans. But the unfortunate reality is that, just like mainstream politicians forced to never mention the power of the Israel Lobby, these pro-European-American groups end up ignoring the 800-lb gorilla in their midst — a wonderful comment on Jewish power in America.

I wonder who that apt description actually describes. Any guesses?