Saturday, September 10, 2016

Alt-Wrong on Display

HBD is simply a political movement to elevate Jews and Asians at the expense of Whites.

The attitude of the HBD faction of the Alt-Right is captured by the following Amren comments exchange, emphasis added:

Wilburn Sprayberry  Wilburn Sprayberry • 19 hours ago
And my job won't be done until a woman can rise to explain that she doesn't want blacks in her children's school b/c blacks are less intelligent and more violent than whites and black boys think they can hustle white girls with impunity and blacks have spent the past 60 years destroying American public education.
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JohnEngelman  Wilburn Sprayberry • 19 hours ago
Oriental children will teach that woman's children good study habits, and respect for the teachers.
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Cobbett  JohnEngelman • 19 hours ago
Don't they cheat (exams) a lot?
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JohnEngelman  Cobbett • 18 hours ago
Some cheat. Most study harder and are more intelligent.
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LACountyRedneck  JohnEngelman • 18 hours ago
Are they smart enough to get proper educations at their own Asian schools instead of ours?
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JohnEngelman  LACountyRedneck • 18 hours ago
I am glad that there are so many Orientals in the United States. They are a wonderful race. I have never known one I disliked.
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