Monday, September 19, 2016

Cretaceous, 9/19/16

A voice of sanity at an HBD outlet.

Another great Cretaceous comment at Amren:

Cretaceous Jones Matthew Kelly • 13 hours ago
That being said, and I agree with you, this isn't a pro white site. I come here to watch the trainwreck. What started out as the right thing has now digressed to an obvious money making deal.

This Cretaceous Jones fellow is fast becoming (by far) the best and most honest commentator at Amren. Yes, it isn’t a “pro white site” and, yes, it is a “trainwreck.” The only difference I have here with Cretaceous is that I do not believe that money is the motivating factor. The people involved could be making more money, lots more money, outside of the “movement.” What’s the motivation then? It’s being a major “media wing” of the HBD political movement, which has as its aim the groveling subjugation of White Gentiles to Jews and East Asians.