Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hillary Balkanizes

The more "deplorable" the better.

I have been critical, with justification, of the beta ultra-race cuck Trump and his girlish admirers in Der Movement.  But I have also praised Trump when such is deserved, particularly his role in promoting racial balkanization and sociopolitical chaos in America this electoral cycle.

As a perfect example of this is that the Trump phenomenon has goaded Hillary Clinton into unloading a massive balkanizing salvo of her own: stating publicly that ~20% of the American electorate, and higher proportion of the White American electorate, are a “basket of deplorables” – irredeemable bigots who have no place in America.

That is by all measures quite remarkable, and, truth be told, more divisive and balkanizing than anything God Emperor Donny Touchback, Prince of Amnesty, has ever said.  Thanks, Hillary.

That’s consistent with my view that one major objective of the “Patriotic Right” (broadly defined) is to provoke the “Radical Left” (broadly defined) to engage in words and actions that would further inflame tensions across racial and cultural lines, promote distrust and division, and push Whites into a more confrontational attitude (which in turn will provoke the Left even more, quickening the cascade of chaos).  The hysterical attacks against Trump and his supporters, the political violence at Trump rallies, and, now, Clinton’s verbal faux pas all demonstrate some degree of success.

This is the time to push forward with even more chaos, put the foot on the pedal, not the brake.  Here is where I am of two minds about the Alt-Right and the Alt-Wrong.  If their primary objective is a Trump electoral victory, their optimal strategy now is to lie low for the next two months.  If on the other hand, their objective is to merely leverage the Trump campaign for longer-term objectives, including the promotion of balkanization, then the best strategy is to continue trying to call attention to themselves (to the extent possible, given that the System’s fifteen minutes of interest in demonizing the Alters have passed).  The Alters need to decide between these two objectives: but if they choose the latter (and wiser) objective, then all previous comments from them about how “Trump is the last chance of White America” is laughable and basically demolishes any pretense they have of leadership and long-term strategizing.

In any case, let’s have more: hatred, division, distrust, animus, chaos, balkanization, despair, anger, disillusionment, and rage. 

The center cannot hold; it all falls apart.