Wednesday, September 28, 2016

In the News, 9/28/16

Two items.

Useful post about Milo and the Alt-Right; I don't necessarily agree with everything there, but it's better than the pro-Milo posts and podcasts elsewhere.

I'd like to point out for the record that I was using the term "Alt-Wrong" here at this blog as far back as September 3rd.

A Jew speaking the truth about Trump's historically bad debate performance.

The fat, lazy, ignorant buffoon Trump would have been better-served to have followed my debate advice and actually prepared for the most important night of his life so far, instead of trying to "wing it" like an "alpha jerkboy" jock trying to pass a high school chemistry exam without studying for it.

I'll vote for him for reasons outlined here previously, but the guy is an incredibly bad candidate who will likely make an equally inept President.

The fact that Der Movement, in its pathetic homoerotic hero worship, can't admit that Trump the man is a farce is all you need to know about the deficiencies of the "movement" train wreck.