Friday, September 9, 2016

On the Alt-Right Press Conference, 9/9/16


The alt right claims to have no leader, no spokesman, no formal organization. 

Thank god for that!
Reporters were then told to meet outside the Old Ebbitt Grill, across the street from the White House, but were again sent to another location, a ballroom in the Willard.

That approach was wise. Frankly, I’m surprised.
“We cannot be a Trump cheerleading squad,” Spencer said about the movement’s future, ruminating on the possibilities that the movement may even have to serve as a chief critic of Trump if he is elected and proves to be disappointing.

But you have been the cheerleading squad. Even worse than that.

“Certainly, we have been riding his coattails,” Spencer said of Trump. “There has been more interest in us because we have generally been pro-Trump.”

But then, a few lines down, we’re told that Trump is “almost irrelevant.”

Next up, the leaders agreed, was an aim toward professionalization and a hope that America was actually far more interested in segregation than it once admitted.

Segregation? Get dem dere Negras back to dere own water fountain! Problem solved! Dat right!

“Trump is in my view almost irrelevant,” Taylor said. “We are gaining ground because we are right.”

Er…so, the Trump issue has “almost” nothing to do with it? This press conference would have taken place without Trump? What about his “coattails?” The ONLY reason any ground has been gained – and I’m skeptical of even that – is solely due to Trump.

In order to move forward –with or without Trump– the alt right is beginning to see an opportunity to raise money, to start organizations, to put forward some of their own followers to run for city council or school board or political office.

Finally! Some sense! Practical approaches! Put away dem dere calipers and get out into the real world.

The overwhelming message was that the alt right is not going away even if Trump loses, or if Trump wins and begins to disappoint them. The message was that the alternative right is awakened and it’s ready not to back down even after its brief moment in the spotlight subsides.

It has already subsided.

Taylor told the audience that his job wouldn’t be over until at a PTA meeting, a woman could rise to defend the fact that fewer African Americans were in AP classes because they had a lower IQ and “no one objects.”

Er…is that it? That folks can talk about…(drum roll please)…IQ? Once again, the hardcore WN faction needs to separate from the HBD faction. You don’t have the same objectives, you know.

The alt right claims it is bigger than Trump. It’s “a struggle for the human soul,” Spencer said.

The soul? How about the genome? The civilization? And why mention Trump again? I thought he was “almost irrelevant?”

Although I’m critical, there’s some good here. The problem is to avoid having that good co-opted by the anti-WN, HBD “race realist” faction, with their Yellow Supremacist dogma. Having Whites exchange one set of masters for another would be a tragedy: to get rid of anti-White and pro-Black Jewish masters only to replace them with anti-White and anti-Black Jewish and East Asian masters (with a few brownster Desi cogelites thrown into the mix).

It’s time to copy Trump and "disavow, disavow, disavow.” Disavow the HBDers. The WN Alt-Righters need to go their own way, and leave those who jock sniff Asian IQ to their own devices.