Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pepe the Philo-Semite

The Alt-Wrong marches on.

A major figure on the Alt-Wrong expresses himself thus (emphasis added):

I’m not an anti-Semite; I never have been; and I don’t have much time for anti-Semites. I’ve written a couple of million words of opinion commentary this past thirty years, all of it archived on my website, and I defy you to find any evidence of anti-Semitism in it anywhere. 
However, I’ve turned against the word “philosemite,” for reasons I’ve explained elsewhere. Basically, it’s patronizing. If pressed on the issue, I call myself an anti-anti-Semite. I cherish my Jewish friends, and I have publicly—and again, I think, more than once—expressed gratitude in print for the positive contribution Jews have made to our civilization, way out of proportion to their numbers.

The "Alt-Right" was doomed from the beginning. Standing with Spencer at the press conference were two Alt-Wrong figures: Taylor and Brimelow. Here, in the quote reproduced above, we see another of the VDARE boys expressing Jew worship. Jews and Asians; Asians and Jews. White Gentiles? Mop the floor, you low-IQ subaltern caste, make it nice and shiny for your Asiatic/Levantine masters.

My take on all this: the "movement" is full of quota cases, a strict affirmative action policy, full of weak-minded people jumping on a conformist bandwagon simply because a sickly, neurologically-impaired hag mentioned "Alt-Right" in a speech. HBD, Pepe, Kek, general jackassery, worship of the latest savior Touchback Trump - that's what Der Movement has descended into. By the time folks wake up and realize this is another useless cul-de-sac, even more time will have been wasted. But, hey, look at all the fun we had posting Pepe pictures and writing "Hail Kek!" That'll show dem dere leftists we mean business!