Saturday, September 17, 2016

See Outside Your Bubble

Mistake after mistake.

Recently, Sailer writing (*) in VDARE has been harping about the System's hysteria about the Alt-Right, Pepe, and other such nonsense.  Breezy is correct about this; the System has been having a complete meltdown, their Trump Derangement Syndrome is out of control, their hatred of Whites, using Trump as a proxy, is bursting through like the floodwaters pouring through a cracked dam.

But, there is hysteria on the other side as well.  Contrary to their fevered self-delusions, this is not Der Movement's finest hour.  

Often when one is in the middle of an event, a crisis, or an apparent opportunity, one finds oneself in a bubble, cut off from the outside, and one does not perceive reality in the same way those outside the bubble do. Hence, Der Movement has been going mildly nuts recently, engaging in more and more bizarre Pepe obsessiveness, ranting about "Kek" something or other, basically talking to themselves while those on the outside look into the bubble and wonder at the inmates running the asylum.

These "movement" activists are breaking the prime rule outlined here (**). Racial nationalism itself, in its most basic form, will seem "weird" and "strange" to the unwashed masses (who often "smell better" than does Der Movement, but that's another issue); therefore, one should not - never, ever - add superfluous layers of weirdness and esoterica that will make third party observers even more confused and/or "turned off" by the "movement."

What?  You got your 15 minutes of fame?  How about taking advantage of it by putting your best foot forward, rather than posting Pepe pictures several times a day, ranting like a lunatic about "Kek" (whatever the hell that is), and letting HBD scum speak for you on camera or in newspaper interviews.

As usual, the quota queens have messed up, letting another golden opportunity slip through their fingers.

OK, yes, somewhere there is a place for Pepe and "Kek" - those same sites obsessing about that juvenile crap pre-Trump.  That can be the "gateway" (assuming such exists) for Millennial entry into Der Movement.  But the spectacle of middle-aged men acting like trolling teenagers will do nothing but make the "normies" turn away in disgust.  And it'll make some "Nutzis" turn away in disgust as well.

Can everyone just grow up?

*"Writing" is perhaps too strong a word.  Breezy these days creates VDARE posts which are mostly just lengthy quotes from newspaper articles or editorials, with a few sentences of his own comments mixed in.  He's being paid for that?  Is that what VDARE contributors are donating money for?

**Ah - who listens to that Kebab-Negroid nonsense anyway?  Let's instead break out the calipers and measure Pepe's cephalic index.  Pepe seems brachycephalic; is he - gasp! - an Alpinid?  Well, at least he's not a Mediterannid, that's lower than a Negro!