Friday, September 23, 2016

The Fraudster Twins

Tweedledee and Tweedledumber.

Keep in mind when reading this that Durocher has just published at Counter-Currents labeling science as “profane.”  I mean, this guy Durocher – just like Silver - is openly mocking Der Movement, and really pushing to see how far he can go and get away with being glaringly inconsistent in posts from one site to the next.  Taking into account what else he’s been getting away with (*), I’d say he can go far indeed.  None of the “movement” blockheads, with the refined sensitivity of a pile of bricks, will ever notice.

Speaking of Silver, we read this gem:

If we're going through, say, oil "too quickly" such that we'll run out in a hundred years, what difference does it really make if we slow down and only run out in a thousand years?

Err, the rate at which a resource is used up is relevant if an effective substitute for that resource has not yet been identified, or if implementation of that substitute is not yet practically feasible. True enough, oil is not the best example, as we could, in theory, with current or near-future technologies, utilize nuclear fission power for electricity generation (and sea travel) and use electricity for all ground transportation (air transportation will still pose a problem requiring additional technological innovation). Fission would of course eventually have to be replaced by fusion and other approaches that require additional technological advances.

The caveats about oil as an example aside, the general point still holds: only an idiot would take the attitude that the time to delete a resource doesn’t matter (well, we’re talking about Silver here, so….).

Another point, related to Silver’s other comment on that thread about “the oil is just sitting there so we should use it,” well, yes, but if a resource is going to be depleted, besides needing substitutes, we would also like to know that the resource is being depleted in a manner that optimizes the effectiveness of its use.  Whether or not that has been the case for fossil fuels I’ll leave to the reader to decide.

*I am uncertain whether those hosting the Jekyll and Hyde routine are aware and complicit, or are actually clueless.  With Der Movement, anything is possible.