Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Pile of Excrement That Walks Like a Man

Its...John Derbyshire.

Low-life, filthy scum.

Most of the big Alt-Right names have dined chez Derb at one time or other.

If there is one statement that summarizes why I can never associate myself with the Alt-Right, it's the sentence reproduced above. Derbyshire is one of the biggest, most execrable pieces of filthy scum in human history, and anyone who willingly socializes with that creature is, in my eyes, not much better. You know, if you roll around in the sewer, you'll smell like one.
It’s also why there is a strong mood of empiricism, of openness to science, among the Alt-Right. We are strongly disposed to believe our own lying eyes, and the properly replicated, reviewed work of careful scientists…

That's absolutely laughable. The HBD-Alt Right is a bastion of dogmatic pseudo-science, close minded to real science, as mendacious as the Leftist Establishment. What "properly replicated, careful work" does he refer to? Lynn's laughable "averaged" "estimates" of IQ, that couldn't past muster even with a failing student from a freshman biostatistics course.

For an almost equally flagrant display of HBD, here are a couple of different olympiads from recent months.

First, the U.S.A. Math Olympiad for high-schoolers, this year held April 19th and 20th nationwide. Here’s a picture of the 12 top scorers. Here are their names (not necessarily in the order pictured): Ankan Bhattacharya, Ruidi Cao, Hongyi Chen, Jacob Klegar, James Lin, Allen Liu, Junyao Peng, Kevin Ren, Mihir Singhal, Alec Sun, Kevin Sun, Yuan Yao.

Yes, you lowly Whites, bow down before your Asian masters!  Of course, Derbyfilth won't tell you that one reason why Whites lag behind is that they've been completely corrupted by the degenerate culture produced by Derb's pets, the Jews.