Friday, September 9, 2016

Trump's Viciously Anti-White Education Policy

The Negro-loving beta ultra-race cuck is at it again.

That's right - let's give feral Negroes "vouchers" to "attend the school of their choice" - White schools at which they can terrorize White students, destroy educational attainment, and cause White flight as parents pull their children out and then move away.

Pro-Trump hysteria in the Alt-Right is as pathetic as the anti-Trump hysteria coming from the Left. The only reason to support Trump - and the only reason I may vote for him - is that the public perception of Trump, fueled by the Left's hysteria, is that he is a "racist bigot" and so increased Trumpian success would enhance racial balkanization in America and inject much needed chaos into the multicultural system.

Trump himself, the reality, is a joke, as big of a race cuck as any Establishment Republican. The only difference is that Der Touchback can't restrain himself from making the occasional politically incorrect comment, and in today's Racial-Stalinist America, that is sufficient to brand the man as the second coming of Hitler.

The Alt-Right's blind spot, re: Trump, their fervid man-crush on their "God Emperor," their inability to take a balanced, critical view of the man, once again underscores the failures of Der Movement.