Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Profound Lack of Creative Power

East Asians: original creative power = zero.

Ancient Greeks artists could have travelled to China 1,500 years before Marco Polo’s historic trip to the east and helped design the famous Terracotta Army, according to new research.  

The startling claim is based on two key pieces of evidence: European DNA discovered at sites in China’s Xinjiang province from the time of the First Emperor in the Third Century BC and the sudden appearance of life-sized statues.  

Before this time, depictions of humans in China are thought to have been figurines of up to about 20cm. 

This hypothesis is supported by modern-day East Asian behavior: copying and/or stealing virtually everything from Whites and achieving their high, high, high test scores by cheating and by selective reporting. So it is very consistent to suppose that previous “Chinese accomplishments” were really derived from European intellectual sources. What’s next? That the “Great Wall” was designed by European engineers and architects? 

Really now, how much more evidence do you need that East Asians are a singularly uncreative, derivative race? Who knows, maybe we’ll discover that egg rolls, chopsticks, and fortune cookies were all from Europeans as well. That's some real "race realism" for you.