Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Battling Despair

WN despair.

Greg Johnson states that in the event of a Trump loss he would need to battle despair, the despair of WN activists disappointed by the electoral outcome.  This is in my opinion linked to my assertions in the comments thread of that essay, concerning the need to jettison those individuals and groups who would need to be held accountable after a Trump loss, accountable for their fanboy stupidities and for their appalling lack of judgement in this election.

My argument consists of two major points:

1. The irresponsible behavior of the fanboys is to a large extent responsible for the despair that is expected after a Trump loss.  After all, after many months of being told that (a) Trump is “the last chance of White America,” and (b) it is “100% definite that Trump will win is a ‘Trumpslide’ – in ‘the Trumpening,” Trump’s collapse and defeat (if it occurs, as seems likely) will naturally cause despondency and despair in those folks who have internalized these “movement” messages.  From the negative perspective, the first step in dispelling despair is to deal with those whose tragicomic stupidity has been responsible for creating the despair in the first place.  I would also add that one reason activists were so eager to jump on the Trump bandwagon, and listen to the fanboys, was that it was Trump – and only Trump – whose campaign jump-started a moribund “movement.”  How desperate WN activists must have been to consider Donald Trump (of all people!) as some sort of savior. The same types who created the situation leading to the upcoming despair are also the same ones responsible for the decades of failure that caused activists to become so obsessed over Trump to begin with.  Thus, the fanboys need to go…go away.

2. From a positive perspective, to battle despair one needs to create hope.  Hope is the antidote for despair (and also, paradoxically, hope is one cause of despair, since false hope, once revealed as false, causes a moral collapse).   How to create (real) hope?  One needs to demonstrate positive change.  The same “movement” morons responsible for creating the despair over Trump in the first place, and whose legacy is decades of unremitting failure, cannot be the foundation upon which one builds hope and thus battles despair.  Indeed, the false hope built upon such a shoddy foundation will inevitably collapse, producing even more despair.  However, by demonstrating that the “movement” can emerge from the Trump fiasco stronger than before, learning its lessons, can create genuine hope for the future, the promise of better things to come, of brighter days ahead.  But “business as usual” is a non-starter: that will create despair not hope, cynicism not idealism, boredom not excitement.  If the same losers and failures are allowed to remain, as if nothing happened, then all else is just empty talk. Allowing the mental weaklings of the “man on white horse” savior school to continue to make the same errors again and again with impunity will generate the hopeless resignation that breeds despair.  Going back on the same “movement” treadmill is not the way to get the despairing to snap out of the doldrums.  Only real change can do that.  And real change means standing up to the failures and the fanboys and finally holding them accountable for the mess they’ve made of Der Movement.  Strong leadership, leadership with character, leadership that finally says a resounding NO! to the defective characters who require a “Big Daddy” to provide comfort – that will excite and inspire, and bring the hope that clears away despair just as the brisk wind sweeps away the dark cloud after a storm.

And if Trump wins and complacency is the problem?  Well, in that case, the same fanboys, worshipping their “God Emperor,” will still be the problem and will still need to be opposed. Win or lose, a day of reckoning is required, and if it does not happen, don’t expect any real positive progress, of any kind.

I’ll be honest though, win or lose for Trump, I doubt that any of the suggestions contained in this essay will be followed.  Quite the opposite.  Be prepared: failure ahead. Always failure ahead.

Note: In previous posts, I have discussed about how “despair” is positive for smashing the System. There I refer specifically to the White masses, not WN activists.