Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Business As Usual, 10/25/16

Promoting failure.

No one has refuted Lynn?  That’s laughable.

Why, on the other hand, are Asians ahead of whites on all these measures? Because race is real.

Yeah, that’ll get Whites all excited for racial activism: Yellow Supremacist HBD “race realism.”  By the way, how do people vote with their feet?  That’s right, Asians want to come to White societies, not the other way around. That’s some real race realism for you.

Donald Trump may win or lose, but we will grow, with him or without him. We will not only grow; we will prevail.

I thought that Donald Trump is the “last chance for White America?’’   Once again I’m right: these guys will make believe everything they’ve said and done this electoral season never happened.  And Der Movement will continue promoting them, and then wonder why there’s no progress.

Speaking of failure and disingenuous fanboys, here’s the weasel-faced, race-mixing, hero of FINRA, lover of Lady Raine, Jimmy C(uck) Wideassman:

COTW winner Captain Obvious reflects on the possibility that the NW European White man’s unique idolization of truth-seeking preconfigured his relationship with Christianity.

‘“Truth” is a concept that is held as important to one demographic across all of the Earth: Northwestern European White Men.’
——— I have long felt that Christianity was an idea which went off in search of a people, and finally found them in Northwest Europe [Christianity being founded upon a Trinity of L0ve, Logos, and TRUTH]

“Truth” of course was of no interest to the Ancient Greeks or Romans, or in the Renaissance.  But wait!  They were all Nordics!  Except when one wants to talk about Paleolithic-Neolithic differences and “high trust hunter gatherers” and then “truth” becomes real flexible, doesn’t it?  There’s a reason why I guess “truth” is in scare quotes in the quote above.

Hey, Jimmy, what American White demographic has been rejecting your God Emperor this entire election cycle?  Hint: it’s the same demographic that supports the “truth” of absolute racial equality, race is a social construct, etc.

By the way, Christinsanity is actually based on: Resentment, Irrational Faith, and Lies, and the religion is spreading most rapidly in the non-White world.  I wonder as well what Jaysus would think of “game” and “sitting poolside?”