Sunday, October 2, 2016

Der Movement in the News, 10/2/16

Strom, Sailer, Vox Day, Silver.

Here is Strom making an excellent point:

Blacks are a primitive race with a low average intelligence, impulsive and prone to crime and rage and violence. The things they do often make no sense at all, even from the perspective of their own best interests. It’s dangerous just to be present wherever they constitute a plurality. It’s even dangerous for them. Setting them loose by the millions in our once-brilliant civilization is a disaster that is going to turn into a holocaust if we don’t do something to stop it.
There is no upside to their presence. Elon Musk has just announced that his goal is to build a city of one million human beings on the surface of Mars. Now, looking at it with absolute dispassionate objectivity, if we actually make it to that planet, do you think it would be beneficial, wise, or even tolerable to bring one or two hundred thousand Negroes along? I didn’t think so. Far from being wise, it would be negligent, insane, criminal, treasonous, fatal, immoral, and murderous to do so. It would be deliberate and certain sabotage of our entire future.
Well — it’s the same on this planet, cowboy. The situation is exactly the same. Just as it would be on Mars, our existence here is not guaranteed.

Strom is an intelligent fellow who often has great insights. I realize he has deep personal ties to the memory of William Pierce and I certainly do not expect Strom to denounce (or even harshly critique) Pierce. However, I would urge Strom to seriously reconsider certain aspects of Pierce’s ideology and writings; even if someone values Pierce as a “great leader” they must admit that he was not infallible, and at some point those who wish to carry on Pierce’s legacy need to be honest about, and correct, any flaws in that legacy that they identify.

Only a conservative anti-WN HBDer like Breezy would think separating Middle Easterners and North Africans from Europeans in the census is a bad thing (never mind the old South Asian classification that he never fails to bring up). Now all we have to do is get these folks, including Hispanics, to stop being classified as “White” when it comes time to assign racial responsibility to crime.

Typical Breezyian stupidity:

In the current year, however, we realize that Tony should have been directly handed racial privileges himself, for being who he is, the descendant of a Roman legionnaire assigned to Syria two millennia ago.

Right….and that’s what passes for analytical thought in HBD.

And now we have Vox Day: 

When the flea on the tip of the tail thinks it is wagging the dog, that's the #AltRetard branch of the #AltRight. The Alt-Retards are so ideologically incoherent and inept that to call them incompetent would be giving them too much credit. Setting aside the fact that they clearly fail to understand my position, they appear to genuinely believe that the ALTernative RIGHT can be national SOCIALIST. Yes, because that's exactly what all the conservatives and libertarians disgusted with the cuckservatism of the Republican establishment concerning immigration are demanding, more socialism, the return of Alsace-Lorraine, and the invasion of Poland.

Anyone who would write something like that is either a stupidly shallow mainstream conservative at heart and/or is fundamentally dishonest. First of all, any sane definition of Right vs. Left – at least those asserted by more rational elements of Der Movement – does NOT stand upon a foundation of economics. Instead, it is based on whether one supports the ideas of hierarchy, difference, and the importance of “blood and soil,” or whether one supports as the underlying objective egalitarianism, absolute equality, lack of difference, and a rejection of “blood and soil” for fungible aracialism. The reason that national socialism is, properly, considered part of the far-Right is because of this, “socialism” notwithstanding. Second, who cares in the end about labels of “right” or “left?” Only idiots like John Ray who think that people can be scared into supporting neoconservatism by labeling everything else as “leftist,” or the Pepe/Kek “Alt Right” crowd obsessed with their navel-gazing “branding.” Third, what kind of moron cannot distinguish an underlying political philosophy such as national socialism, represented by a set of ideals, from its most well-known historical actualization in Hitlerian Germany? Obviously if someone is today a national socialist (small “n” and small “s”) they are not proposing “the return of Alsace-Lorraine, and the invasion of Poland.” Why do otherwise intelligent Der Movementers take this Vox Day seriously? It must be for personal reasons of friendship or something; it cannot be for serious political objectives.
The #AltRetard aren't a viable alternative for the obvious reason that they are not even of the political Right.

Calling John Ray! All dem dere “national socialists” are going to start swooning if they are not considered part of the “political Right” – after all, dose dere Nutzis just have to be part of the same area of the political spectrum as Mitt Romney, John McCain, and John Derbyshire!

Their lack of intelligence can be seen in their decision to declare war on Milo... and now they want to draw the baleful eye of the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil upon themselves as well? So be it. That worked out great for the Hugos, after all.

I actually could care less about internal Alt Right feuds and their foray into sci/fi and fantasy awards (then again, most of Der Movement’s “racial histories” are sci/fi and fantasy, so maybe there’s a relevant connection there) – I’m not of the Alt Right, but when these Kekers start pontificating on White nationalism and national socialism, something must be said. And: “the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil” – clean up dem dere Snickers wrappers in mom’s basement! Then again, can we take seriously grown men who are obsessed with a cartoon frog and something called “Kek?”

The ridiculous thing about this is that it's totally unnecessary to John Birch either Milo or me from the Alt-Retard. Neither Milo nor I ever belonged to it, or claimed to belong to it, and we don't want anything to do with them, their finger-painting, or their swastika panties.

Milo doesn’t want anything to do with panties? Are you sure?

The Alt-Retard is the idiot branch of the Alt-White, which unfortunately does make them part of the Alt-Right despite their ideological incoherency, but then, every village needs its idiot.

If by “Alt-Retard” you mean your garden variety Nutzis, then, please keep them with you in the Alt Right. I despise the whole lot of you: Alt Right, Alt Wrong, Alt Retard Nutzi fetishists, you can all go to hell together. [I note for the record that neither the Alt Right nor the Alt Retard attacks the HBD Alt Wrong, all the evidence I need that both the Alt Right and Alt Retard are no damn good.]

But, actually, the stupidity about national socialism aside, this broadside by Vox Day, and the opposing attacks by the so-called “Alt-Retard” are good things. Keep it up, Vox Day! I see the whole Alt Right in all its manifestations (including Alt Retard and, especially, Alt Wrong) to be a long-term danger to White nationalism, so keep up this circular firing squad! Let’s clean out the niche space, remove the Alt Right weeds, and then we can have some real growth of a sane and reasonable (and Pepe- and Kek-free) pro-White racial nationalist activism.

silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ Last Straw • 7 hours ago

I don't mind the feelings of fellowship and the experience of the 'divine' (whatever that is, if it's even real) that Christianity leads to, but get real, Christian dogma is just bullshit. Absurd, offensive bullshit.

Never forget: the incarnation of Silver that was showing up at Majority Rights was openly Christian and pro-Christian. Before defenders of Silver claim “but, but, but….people can change their minds” I’ll point out:

1. People very rarely change their minds on something so fundamental to their identity as religious belief.

2. With Silver, it’s not the case that we are dealing with a single and definite case of “changing one’s mind,” but instead a dizzying array of chameleon–like reinventions from blog to blog (and at Majority Rights from week to week), all designed to fit into the particular context of the moment to push his underlying agenda. Yes, people can indeed “change their mind,” but not about everything and anything, constantly, back and forth with no clear direction, and all with objectives set in his first few blog posts on Majority Rights.