Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday's Installment of Der Movement

The usual stupidities.

Why does Mr. Day think Derbyshire would disapprove of Murray’s comment? Didn’t they both reject, at least at one time in their respective lives, a “white-bread” marriage bed? That yellow “banana-bread” is instead the ticket!

American white gentiles are probably the most pro-Semitic people in the world.

I agree with Sailer here. Unfortunately, the HBDers are unable to make the connection with the slavish pro-Jewishness of American White Gentiles and the fact that those self-same Whites are allowing themselves to be race-replaced.

Okay … My guess is that this hummus argument about why Jews shouldn’t be lumped in with whites as the Bad Guys is the kind of overly subtle argument that nice white gentiles will nod along to, but the Diverse not so much.

Yeah, Steve…while I know the “hummus argument” is akin to usual HBD analysis (so why don’t you like it?), there are other reasons not to consider Jews as “White.” The fact that they themselves really do not identify as such, and have been at odds with native Europeans for two thousand years, is a good place to start.

And the loser is…mainstreaming. Maybe a Jobbik government would have had better results getting out the vote? I note that the Mr. Hyde of the Alt Right hasn’t been pounding the drums for Orban and Marine recently.

True, we need White reproduction. But those of you who believe in the wonders of the “free market” can consider that if MGTOW dries up the supply of (White) men, that would make such men more valuable, and the demand for them would induce White women to “clean up their act” so to speak.

Reports indicate that Trump’s children are frustrated because of Der Touchback’s lazy ineptness and lack of self-discipline; it is said that he is still refusing to do mock debates and is pressuring his subordinates to make the ridiculous claim that Trump “won” the first debate.

It is said that people tend to fashion their gods in their own likeness (as opposed to the opposite myth). Very well. What does it say about Der Movement that their “God Emperor” is an incredibly lazy, inept, ill-informed, and hysterically undisciplined quota queen who does not learn from his mistakes?