Sunday, October 23, 2016

October Thought on Der Movement and Der Trump

What next?

Overarching objective: Establishment of White ethnostates in America, Europe, etc.  I would go further and advocate for Yockey’s White Imperium, but at minimum, WN generally agrees on the ethnostate idea.

Strategies: These should be multi-variant; in other words, don’t put “all your eggs in one basket.” Further, different contexts, and changing, fluid current events will demand variable approaches.

In general, two things are required: eliminating the current System and constructing a New Order to replace it.  The beginning of construction of the New Order need not wait for the full elimination of the System but can begin in embryonic form now; indeed, activities in constructing this New Order can have the additional benefit of helping to destabilize the existing System.

The positive approaches of New Order construction can be analyzed another day; what about the negative aspect of tearing down the existing System, an objective which should be the predominant (albeit as just indicated, not sole) focus of effort now?

There is of course “direct action” (a euphemism) – not something to be discussed in any public forum, not my specialty by any means, and no doubt premature without a base of support among a reasonable fraction of the White population.

Building that base of support?  Some of it will come from the positive constructive efforts alluded to above.  People who support what which they have a stake in, and will not support that they do not have a stake in.  We must make Whites stakeholders in a New Order, by demonstrating to them, via concrete constructive action, what their place will be within it; at the same time, by delegitimizing the present System, we present to Whites the clear indication that they are not, and can never be, stakeholders in that System.

How to delegitimize the System?  Leveraging Trump is a start (see more on Trump below); more fundamentally, I’m a strong supporter of Salter’s idea of “democratic multiculturalism” and have explained, in the linked posts, what that is and how that can be used to weaken and undermine the System.

Indeed, anything that contributes to increasing the System’s inherent tendency to balkanizing disintegration and “bowling alone” atomization of disaffected individuals, should be encouraged.

Getting back to Trump, I recently speculated on options for Der Movement in case of a Trump loss or win.  What about Trump’s own possible plans and how that ay intersect with “movement” interests?

If Trump loses, he may start a “media empire,” according to reports, an empire that would promote the sort of right-wing populism espoused by Trump in this campaign cycle.  That would present opportunities, but things are not so clear-cut.  On the one hand, Trump is a Negro-loving civic nationalist with Jewish family connections.  On the other hand, he’s run a right-wing populist campaign with only a very thin membrane separating it from the more moderate elements of the Alt Right, and one could expect a defeated Trump to be very bitter against a System that overtly conspired against him.  A key point here is that Trump is more or less an intellectual empty vessel, so one must take care as to what is poured into him.  It would seem that some of Coulter’s work infiltrated into what passes for Fat Don’s “brain” and led him rightward on immigration; what will filter into that empty vessel after an election defeat?  Can Der Movement put down its calipers and be ready for this window of opportunity?  Or will the quota queens mess it all up again?  It would be great – it would be “YUGE” – if the work of Salter could be brought to Trump’s attention.  No, I don’t expect Trump to read On Genetic Interests (unless someone makes a graphic novel or porno version of the book), but maybe someone else (like Trump’s sons*) could read it, or at least read some of my summaries of it (here or at Amren), and explain it to Dear Old Dad. The fact that the book is NOT in any way “anti-Semitic” or “anti-Negro” would I think make it more palatable to the Trump clan.

One could hope that a defeated Trump would be a “moneybags” for at least the more moderate elements of the “far-Right” but I wouldn’t pin too many hopes on that; someone stingy in spending their money on their own political campaign would hardly be expected to be generous to others.  And if he did give money, would Der Movement be in a position to take advantage?  Or would it all go, for example, to the Milo-ites?

*Not Ivanka, who I suspect would have been a Clinton supporter had she not been Trump’s daughter. I can’t help notice that Ivanka is the only member of the Trump clan praised by the Establishment; this may partly be due to the System’s man-hating feminism, and partly out of the sense that she’s really a closet liberal.