Friday, October 21, 2016

On Concessions and Fanboys

Two points about Trump.

There is much talk recently about how Trump may not concede the election if (when?) he loses because it is rigged. Of course, some of the cucks and dumb women (redundancy) in his own camp say that yes, of course, he will concede.  My take: Donald, please do NOT concede, NEVER concede. You’ll go down as the Ultra-Cuck if you give in and concede.

Tactically, conceding is a bad idea because the election has been rigged. Possibilities of voter fraud aside (and that is becoming an increasingly real concern with revealed plans of busing voters from state to state), the fact of media collusion with the Clinton campaign, the GOP Establishment’s role in undermining their own party’s candidate, rigged polls, and the revealed fact of infiltrators being paid to incite violence at Trump rallies – that’s enough to justify not conceding.

Strategically, when the anti-Trumps says that “not conceding and talk of a rigged election is dangerous because it undermines faith in our democracy,” my reply is: of course and that is the whole point.  Whites should not have any faith in a “democracy” and a System clearly dedicated to their genocide, they should not have faith in elections characterized by the real rigging described above, and, from a WN standpoint, if we want chaos and balkanization, if we want to undermine the multicultural consensus, then, yes, we want to undermine faith in the System, we want “dangerous” division, anger, hatred, rage, despair, and disillusionment. By not conceding – ever – Trump does a great service to the real America.  From that perspective, I say it would be dangerous to concede; it would not be “dangerous” to not concede.  If Trump does concede, I would lose what little respect I have left for the man.

The movement has a long and frankly embarrassing history of deluding itself that mainstream politicians (for example, Patrick Buchanan, Ron Paul, Vladimir Putin) will somehow save us while leaving the present political system and its reigning taboo against white racial consciousness intact. White Nationalists routinely donate more time, money, and social capital to system politicians who disagree with us and denounce us than they do to building up our movement.

Well then, finally someone other than myself says this.  Thank you, Greg Johnson.

Given that history, it is easy to see Trump as just another man on the white horse, worshipped by legions of deluded fanboys. And in some cases that is true. But overall, it is not that bad. Because in the case of the Trump campaign, two things are different. First, Trump is actually advocating policies that are good for white Americans, specifically the border wall, deporting illegals, and the Muslim ban. Second, today’s movement is much more mature. Much of the extreme adulation of Trump is, frankly, ironic rather than sincerely delusional. It is meant to trigger Leftists and is a way to build in-group solidarity. But most of the movement is quite realistic about Trump’s limits and differences with us. There is a widespread consensus that this time, we are not going to be fooled. We are using Trump. Trump is not using us.

Yes and no.  It depends who Greg Johnson is talking about.  If he refers to himself and Counter-Currents, he is correct.  But – Chateau Heartiste, the home of fapping fanboy Trumpite onanism?  Amren and TOO and their breathless apocalyptic talk about Trump being “the last chance for White America?”  The VDARE boys?  Other segments of the Alt Right?  Those are the cases of which Greg says “that is true.”  I see it as a larger problem than he does.  I see that the sensible segment of Der Movement is a minority, not the majority.  I mean, there are folks out there seriously insisting that it is absolutely certain that Trump will win in a landslide – a Trumpslide! – and that anyone who says different is a “DNC Jew troll.”  What to do with idiots like that?

What I ask the sensible folks – and these are real questions and not rhetorical ones – if Trump loses will you finally hold the fanboys accountable for their (yet again) appalling lack of judgement, and the damage they have done (yet again) to the “movement” by their “man on white horse” stupidity? Or will you allow them to once again slither away from accountability and make believe it all never happened?  Actually, they should be held accountable even if Trump wins, because the lack of judgement is objectively similar in that case as well, but I know that’s asking too much. But if Trump loses (in a Hillslide?), can you – will you - finally tell the fanboys to go away?