Saturday, October 15, 2016

Planning For Two Trumpian Scenarios

Alternative scenarios.

Let us consider what Der Movement should do if Trump loses (likely) and, to a lesser extent, what should be done if Trump wins (unlikely). This is obviously not a comprehensive or final list but merely the beginning of the discussion.

What if Trump loses? Let’s assume it’s the “day after,” Roissy is weeping softly, and Der Movement needs to figure out what to do next.

We need to clean out the flotsam and jetsam of Der Movement. All the people who said “Trump is the last chance, the last hope for White America” - according to them, all is lost if Trump loses.   All the people who are confidently insisting that it was virtually 100% certain Trump will win – in a landslide, in a Trumpslide, in “the Trumpening” – what about them?  All the folks who tightly associate WN with Trump, what about them? If Trump loses, they all need to go.  Actually, they would still need to go even if Trump wins, because their appalling lack of judgment and overall stupidity remains either way, independent of the outcome of the election (which they have no real control over).  However, human nature being what it is, error in theory is only recognized by the masses when it coincides with error of fact; thus, impetus to rid ourselves of this trash is realistic only if Trump loses. Unfortunately, even if Trump loses in a landslide, I know these people are not going anywhere.  They’ll all just pretend it didn’t happen, they never wrote these things, and business should continue as usual.  I’ll write more on this if Trump actually does lose. Regardless of what will happen, what should happen is clear: flushing these morons down the activist toilet.

Continue with metapolitical content and community building.  All the things discussed by Greg Johnson here with respect as to what needs to be done is relevant whether Trump wins or losses.

Reaching out to the Trump base.  This is probably easier said than done, but that’s what the Alt Right is for, isn’t it?  Look, I’ve been critical of the Alt Right, but mainly because of the idea that he Alt Right will come to represent the totality of the far-Right in America, which would be a travesty, a disaster. However, as one component – of many – of the far-Right, the Alt Right has its uses. If one buys the “gateway hypothesis” – that people tend to enter the “movement” through its more moderate precincts and then gradually become more radicalized – then the Alt Right can serve as that gateway for elements of the angry and disillusioned Trump base.  Where else will they go?  They can “move right” in our direction, they can stay static and follow whatever civic nationalist “media empire” Trump may establish after losing, or they can “move left” into mainstream cuckservatism.  We need to capture as many of these people in the “move right” camp as possible.  Now, I myself am very skeptical of the “gateway hypothesis” and see many folks stuck at the “gateway” permanently, while others actually go straight into radicalism – but, hey, let’s make the Alt Right/gateway folks “put their money where their mouth is.”  A Trump loss – actually, a Trump win as well – is the perfect opportunity to prove the “gateway hypothesis” is correct and that the Alt Right approach is beneficial.  Go to it then!  Show us your success!  I would love to be proven wrong and see lots of radicalized WNs passing through the “gateway” from the Trump camp.

This would require though not only that the whole Alt Right gateway hypothesis is correct, but that the Alt Right and its leadership have the character, the ability, and the planning to pull it off.  To say I’m skeptical about that would be an understatement, but again, I’d love to be proven wrong here.  Another problem is that going after the Trump base means actually going after the real base, and not “movement” delusions about what that base is or what the “movement” wishes it could be.  The elements of the White population that supported Trump vs. the cuckservatives in the primaries - that’s the Trump base.  Can Der Movement get over its ethnic fetishisms, its affirmative action programs, and its fossilized dogmas in order to reach out to those White Americans it has heretofore ignored and despised?  Once again: I’m skeptical, but please prove me wrong.

In any case, a concerted effort needs to be made, led by the overt public faces of the Alt Right (minus those elements who should be run out of Der Movement for the reasons discussed above) to burrow into the Trumpian base and scoop out as many good folks as possible for WN.  Propaganda needs to be thought up, actions need to be planned, and strategy and tactics need to be elucidated.

Agitating the Coloreds/Left.  Agitating the other side would be easier if Trump wins for obvious reasons, but perhaps it really doesn’t make as much of a difference than we think. There is an inherent difference between Right and Left. The Right, when it wins any small victory, declares victory and goes home; when the Left wins its big victories, it congratulates itself briefly, and then goes on the attack again.  A Clinton victory may, paradoxically, enrage the Left as much or more than a Trump victory; emboldened by their victory, Colored/Left bullying of White folks would increase, setting up a White reaction, as long as Whites are not allowed to be hoodwinked over what happened (see below, about the “narrative.”). Careful work by Der Movement can assist and enhance this process of balkanization and increase the natural conflicts and tensions that are part and parcel of any multicultural society, and which will be turbo-charged under a Clinton regime. Action and reaction, reinforcing each other down into the abyss of raciocultural conflict and societal disintegration. 

Challenging the narrative. If Trump loses, the cuckservatives, backed up by the Left and the controlled media, will attempt to spin the loss as a repudiation of right-wing populism; we will be told once again that the GOP must turn away from nativism and embrace pluralism, that the GOP needs to become “diverse” (in other words, going back to taking their base for granted and routinely betraying the base and spitting in its face), we need “immigration reform,” we need “outreach to minorities,” that the Republican Party needs to eschew its own White male base and go back to the post-2012 “autopsy,” etc.

The counter-narrative must be:
1. The only problem with Trump was one of character, not policy.  When Trump’s populist views on immigration and economics were attacked, Trump’s popularity rose.  Trump’s fall was primarily due to attacks on his character through cheap moralizing and virtue-signaling regarding Trump’s penchant for vulgar buffoonery and an inability to restrain his impetuous tweeting.  The election was a referendum on Trump’s character not a referendum on Trump’s policies.  Indeed, the Clinton campaign-GOP Establishment alliance all but gave up critiquing Trump’s policies for the (ultimately more successful) approach of appealing to a retarded feminized (redundancy?) America with accusations of “sexual misconduct.”  With respect to Trump’s policies, the same message, the same policies, championed by someone with the intelligence and character beyond the level of Beavis-and-Butthead will meet with success.  

2. Even with Trump’s defects, it still could have pulled it out, if the media was not relentlessly hostile to him and if he was not consistently sabotaged and undermined by the treasonous Republican Establishment. As I have written before, the GOP Establishment needs to be politically destroyed. That’s the same Establishment that’s been telling the White base for decades that they had to support Establishment cuckservative milksops because “we need to have Republican solidarity to defeat that dastardly liberal Democrat.”  Now that the shoe’s on the other foot, and the base picked their own candidate, the Establishment has been throwing a temper tantrum, actively sabotaging the campaign of the base’s GOP candidate and supporting a very dastardly liberal Democrat (even in some cases openly endorsing her).  Why the hell should the base EVER vote for an Establishment candidate ever again? All that is required is that some fraction of Trump supporters stop voting for the cucks and, given how class most national and state-wide elections are, the GOP Establishment is “toast.”

3. What about the idea of actual election fraud? Unless there is rock-solid evidence to support this, Der Movement should not make such conspiracy thinking a main part of its post-Trump approach, for doing so violates the premise outlined here that asserts that defectiveness can be defined as needlessly multiplying perceptions of “movement” freakishness above and beyond the core of racial nationalism itself.  Having said that, promoting the idea of election fraud can be useful for delegitimizing the System and spreading anger, rage, disillusion, despair, and division.  The key is to be highly targeted: aim the message to those elements of the pro-Trump base already inclined to believe it, and those spreading the message should not be the “movement” mainstream (such as it is) but the more “loony-tune” elements of Der Movement, those who already have the reputation of being weirdos (even in the context of racial nationalism) and hence have little to lose (division of labor, so to speak).  Of course, if that rock-solid evidence presents itself, then the issue of election fraud can be spread by everyone.  I doubt however that the System would be so crude as to leave its fingerprints behind in such an obvious fashion.

What if Trump wins?

Of course, if Trump wins, he would need to purge the GOP of the cuckservatives and Necons – if he can.  But that would be his problem. With respect to Der Movement, some of the recommendations in the event of a Trump victory are similar to those for a Trump defeat. Der Movement needs to identify areas of White interest in Trump’s right-wing populism and proselytize in those areas to win some fraction of those people over to WN. Agitating the Coloreds and the Left may be easier after a Trump victory as these elements would be hysterical in their reaction to a triumphant Trump; thus, Colored/Left radicalism can assist in preventing Whites into falling into a “victory euphoria” and the usual rightist “prematurely declare victory and go home” mindset.

Agitating the Coloreds and the Left would of course be easier if Trump actually follows through on his populist promises; if Trump “cucks out” and reneges, then the fury and frustration of the betrayed base could be used to Der Movement’s benefit.  If the still-entrenched Establishment blocks Trump from enacting his program, then that would be a salutary lesson for the White masses on how the System is rigged against them even in the event of a right-wing populist electoral victory.  There are many ways to play a Trump victory for WN benefit.  The fact that people “love a winner” and are conformists who like to hop on bandwagons is also beneficial, given the linkage in the public mind between Trump and “Alt Right White racism.” Thus, the moronic public would conflate a victory for Trump’s civic nationalism with a victory for WN; that could rebound to the benefit of WN IF, once again, “victory mania” is avoided, and it is pointed out that virtually ALL the work lies ahead and that, honestly speaking, very little of lasting value had been actually accomplished by a Trump victory.  The metapolitical work and community building mentioned by Greg Johnson is also relevant here.

In the unlikely event that Trump does win, we can all consider how to leverage that victory in more detail, fleshing out the bare bones mentioned here, but unlike the fever-dream crowd over at Chateau Heartise, I’m under no delusions about Trump’s chances.  Why waste any more time discussing a Trump victory at this point?  If he does win, time enough to deal with the ramifications then.