Monday, October 17, 2016

Yet More Cracks in the Facade

This is why I support Trump.

An act of political terrorism.  If Jeb Bush - or some other cuckservative to the left of Clinton on immigration - were the GOP candidate, this of course would not be happening.  But Trump has unleashed the wild dogs of chaos, and now the political violence of the 60s and 70s is beginning to return to the decaying corpse of what used to be America.  More, please.

White Americans distrustful of government.  Of course they are.  Hey Whitey!  Your own government hates you, and is gleefully managing your demographic and cultural eclipse. Question: what are you going to do about it?  The White masses need some leadership, or else they'll get sucked back into cuckservatism.  Can Der Movement put down its calipers long enough to provide such leadership?  How about less Pepe and more political and metapolitical strategizing, please.

Trump's still doing his part.  Excellent, excellent.  Wreck the legitimacy of the System. Make more people distrustful, tear asunder the fabric of the multicultural consensus. Division, despair, rage, balkanization, chaos, political violence, hatred, distrust - all these and more are the formula of our salvation. Tear it all down!

Der Movement must do its part to continue "poisoning the well" of political discourse so as to prevent these wounds from ever healing.  Instead, rip them apart!  Make the System bleed to death via a thousand cuts of metapolitical agony, of political disintegration, of complete and utter hopeless despair.