Sunday, November 27, 2016

Trump vs. White Nationalism?

Here is an excerpt from a comment someone left at MPC, emphasis added:

Trump Will Dash the Hopes of White Nationalists 
Despite what little Richard Spencer says, you're not getting a white ethnostate, at least not with Trump, and probably not within our lifetimes. This shouldn't have to be repeated, but Trump is a nationalist, not a white nationalist. While his vision of America does not include the 50 million beaners and the several million towelheads and skinnies currently here, it most emphatically includes blacks. 
And why shouldn't an American nationalist movement include blacks? Blacks are Americans. They've been here longer than the overwhelming majority of Italians, Irish Catholics, Polacks and Jews. They're dysfunctional, stupid, violent, shitty Americans, but they're still Americans, and as such, Trump has vowed to Make America Great Again for them, too. 
Moreover, Trump seems to genuinely like blacks in much the same way he seems to genuinely like ordinary Americans. He gets a kick out of blacks, likes hanging around with them, and is a good friend to them even when they've disgraced themselves.

That’s pure Sailerian citizenism, and that is what the beta race cuck civic nationalist Trump is all about.  I supported Trump’s candidacy, and voted for him, for long-term strategic reasons outlined here ad nauseam.  I have also made quite clear my low opinion of Trump the man, and my equally low opinion of the Trump fanboys and Alt Wrong HBDers, quota queens, etc., and their raging stupidity of “Trump is the last chance for White America” and “we’ve won.”  Morons and imbeciles.

Trump’s victory has expanded the range of possibilities, it has brought us some breathing room, it has emboldened some people, and it has heightened the contradictions.  If managed corrected by the far-Right, Trump’s victory can be a net gain.  But that will be in spite of Trump, not because of him. From this point on, the long-term objectives of Trump and of WNs diverge, as the pro-Trump MPC comment makes clear.  Trump wants to stabilize and strengthen multiracial America; WNs – true WNs – want that version of American destroyed.  Trump wants to bring “all American citizens together,” while the true and just objective for White survival is to set “Americans” of different races against each other, to promote a balkanizing chaos.  Trump wants to foster hope for a brighter America; in contrast, WNs must foster hatred, bitterness, division, despair, rage, disillusionment, and disgust – with true hope being actualized only when the current rotten System collapses.

Anyone who considers Trump a “great man,” a “savior,” the “last chance for White America,” or anything similar is an unmitigated idiot.  At best, Trump is a tool for our side, at worst, an enemy to us and a tool for the opposition.  

Note to Der Movement: Stop the hero worship and get to work.