Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas Suckers!

Even I’m shocked and disgusted, and that’s saying something.

I mean, look at this. Emphasis added:

…four groups at the forefront of the white nationalist movement to register as charities and raise more than $7.8 million in tax-deductible donations… 
The Connecticut-based VDare Foundation is led by Peter Brimelow, founder and editor of an anti-immigration website. Brimelow, who spoke at the National Policy Institute's conference last month, founded his nonprofit in 1999 and raised nearly $4.8 million between 2007 and 2015. 
Brimelow received $378,418 in compensation from his nonprofit in 2007, accounting for nearly three-quarters of its total expenses that year. Brimelow says his salary that year was $170,000 and the rest reimbursed him for travel, office supplies and other expenses. 
From 2010 through 2015, VDare Foundation didn't report any compensation directly paid to Brimelow. But, starting in 2010, the nonprofit began making annual payments of up to $368,500 to Brimelow's Happy Penguins LLC for "leased employees." Brimelow disclosed his ownership of that company on tax returns.

Yeah, well, life’s expensive in Connecticut for all those happy penguins, no doubt.  And what are you getting, my dear “movement,” for that $4.8 million? Let’s see: Derbyshire promoting miscegenation, attacking White nationalism, and asking why child porn is illegal.  Sailer pontificating about real estate, golf courses, and PISA scores.  Pathetic civic nationalism, Judeophilic and Asia-worshipping HBD, and Brimelow posting pictures of his young wife and kids (and his mop of white hair) to showcase his highbrow virility.  And let’s not forget: throwing Spencer under the bus.

New Century Foundation, a Virginia-based nonprofit, has raised more than $2 million since 2007….

Two million dollars (that’s twice Dr. Evil’s original asking price in Austin Powers).  Which gives us: Jew and Oriental worship (Yellow Supremacy), blaming America’s race problems on 19th century founding stock abolitionists instead of on 20th and 21st century Jews, stating Italians are dumb North Africans (hey!  aren’t they?), throwing Spencer under the bus (and running him over), denouncing NS, and claiming the Jews are huWhite men of the West.

Notice that at least 6.8 out of the 7.8 million dollars went to pro-Jewish and pro-Asian HBD Alt Wrong groups.  Money well spent, “movement!”

Can you imagine the good that could have been accomplished if that money went to more productive directions?  Instead of giving Brimelow $170,000 (can you believe that!) in one year, plus even more for “expenses,” or giving him $368,500 annually (!!!) for “leased employees” (who are?), that money went instead to theorists like Salter or to more hardcore activists like Spencer (whose fraction of that $7.8 million was microscopic compared to Brimelow’s) or to Counter-Currents (I won’t mention this blog - I’m not asking for anything and I’m well aware that Der Movement won’t give anything to anyone who is not “one of the boys”).

Der Movement is a pathetic joke, and the wasteful squandering of millions of dollars of tax exempt money proves that categorically.  Attention: the only “progress” made by Der Movement was the accident of Trump’s candidacy and that he read mudshark Annie’s book. All those millions flushed down the Bowel Movement’s toilet achieved absolutely nothing.

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.