Thursday, December 1, 2016

This Is the Alt Right

We can only hope that Spencer ruined this "brand."

Some readers may wonder what posts about politics and “movement” stupidities have to do with the ostensible focus of his blog – EGI.  Hopefully, the answer is obvious.  EGI and inclusive fitness are not platonic theories floating around the memosphere, blissfully unconnected to real-world realities.  No, these ideas are intimately connected to the real-world experiences of humans as evolved organisms, and they are also closely affected by politics, by society, by culture, etc.  Further, since the racial nationalist “movement” is, really, the only long-term vehicle for Whites to pursue EGI through acting upon inclusive fitness interests, then what goes on with Der Movement must be, and will be, of prime interest to any blog called “EGI Notes.”

Thus, one reads this and wonders – why make such a big deal over a few seconds of Spencerian stupidity, when we have a piece of filth like Derbyshire representing himself (despite transparent protestations that he is a "club of one"), and being considered by others (including dumb Japanese), as some sort of “Alt Right representative?”

Amnestied illegal immigrant Derbyshire, a race-mixer who actively promotes miscegenation, someone hostile to White nationalism, a proponent of the anti-White HBD cult that is the antithesis to EGI (indeed, Derbyshire himself is the antithesis to Salter), a fan of the anti-White triracial “Jayman” who clumsily attempts to delegitimize White inclusive fitness through incompetent attacks on Salter’s EGI thesis – this creature is a much more worthy target for critique than is Spencer who, with all his faults, is at least trying to work in favor of White EGI.

If the Alt Right is Derbyshire, Brimelow, and Taylor, if people really believe that Spencer damaged the Alt Right brand, then they should be truly and eternally grateful to him for doing so.