Thursday, January 12, 2017

Antidote to Silk Road White Nationalism

Important essay.

Praise the Lord (or Kek, whatever your preference)! Finally – FINALLY – someone writes the facts about the HBD “Land of the Gods” China and the threat it poses to the White race. This article is the perfect antidote to the moronic madness of Silk Road White Nationalism peddled by cunning Asiatrics and their hapless White male extended phenotypes. And also an antidote to HBD yellow supremacy and Derbyshire’s “measured groveling.” This article is must reading for any well-informed WN.

Excerpts, emphasis added:

As a group, the Chinese are infamous for their two cardinal and striking national characteristics in the eyes of any neutral and honest observer (that is, those not taking bribes from Beijing and those who are not panda-hugging Leftist liberals), namely habitual dishonesty and mendacity – a preciously few honest and morally virtuous elements notwithstanding. The Chinese are a people who cast blame and gloat upon the deceived rather than the deceiving. They are incredibly ruthless, vicious, avaricious, spiteful, rancorous, and vengeful by nature, and exceedingly deceitful, resourceful, cunning, intriguing, unscrupulous, disingenuous, and duplicitous in pursuing both their collective and individual interests. They are undoubtedly one of the most corrupt, and corruptible, peoples on Earth. 
It is a common and fatal misperception that China has adopted its current aggressive stance because the West has tried to impose its corrupt and self-righteous democratic values upon China. That’s just a superficial observation, and actually a false pretense. It lies in the very nature of the Chinese race and its unlimited ambition to conquer, dominate, exploit, and enslave other peoples, and even to commit genocide against them, if they deem it necessary. 
Its ultimate purpose is nothing short of becoming the unrivaled master of the globe, trampling all other nations under its feet. China knows that the white race will be its primary obstacle in achieving this, and that it must be either subdued and replaced, or, if necessary, wiped out. 
What makes the Chinese all the more dangerous are the two factors I mentioned above: namely, the utterly inassimilable and corrupting nature of the Chinese expatriate communities in white nations, and the malignant ambitions of a Chinese regime hell-bent on world domination. The Chinese expats are one of the most, if not the most, stubborn and skillfully resistant to assimilation communities of all, and tend to obstinately stick to their own ethnically, socio-culturally, environmentally harmful, discordant, and polluting ways of living even when they are in other peoples’ societies. In terms of acting as a fifth column for their homeland, the Chinese in diaspora certainly rival, and perhaps exceed, the diaspora Jews and their relationship with Israel. Given the rapid ascendancy and increasing saber-rattling of the mainland, the tendency of the overseas Chinese is to “answer the call of the motherland and work in lockstep with its orders.” It is certain that once China issues orders to its people in the US, Europe, and Japan to rise en masse when it is ready to act decisively, they will serve as saboteurs, spies, subverters, and foot soldiers. 
It is also an incontestable fact that China has been working with international Jewry hand-in-glove for decades in order to further their joint objective of compromising, taking down, and eventually finishing off the white race and Western civilization. The Chinese and the Jews, both being races of shrewd and unscrupulous merchants, have long admired and felt affection for each other. 
White people all over the world need to take a clearer and steel-minded approach to China and all its deceitful and flattering propaganda, most especially when they adopt a spuriously friendly, conciliatory, or sympathetic tone to our cause. It’s all subterfuge and intended to serve their own aims of eventually defeating and replacing the white race. 
Westerners, including many White Nationalists, are either ignorant or nonchalantly careless about China, about which they know surprisingly little. Many seem to have an admiration, however grudgingly, for China’s tough nationalist stance in defiance of the bogus ideology of human rights and democracy that is promoted by the ZOG U.S. and by the West in general. This is understandable, but a nationalist foreign power is not necessarily a friendly force for white people’s interests and survival, as Israel amply demonstrates. Israel’s ethnocentrism, doctrine of racial supremacy, and chauvinism act as a fountain that generates an endless stream of hostility and spite toward the white race. While China may not hate whites on the same racial and religious grounds as Jewry does, its vast global ambitions, coupled by an equally supremacist ethnic egotism, derived as it is from a twisted need for vengeance based on the humiliations it has experienced in its past, drives an irresistible and collective national urge to defeat and conquer the West. All these grave and alarming facts behoove me to sound this warning bell to all those who care about the future of the white race, but who are currently in the fog concerning the China question.