Tuesday, January 3, 2017

CRISPR Ethnocide, Italiian Invasion, Spencer 2017

Several items.

Reading this, one can speculate on ethny-directed CRISPR ethnocidal weapons that target gene sequences specific to particular ethnic groups. The idea of “ethnic weapons” was brought up in the pre-CRISPR era, and would seem to be more and more realistic as biomedical approaches become more refined (what can be a delivery system? virus?).  Of course, the anti-CRISPR approaches outlined in the article could be a therapy for such weapons, but there would likely be a significant toll of morbidity and mortality from before such therapies could be mobilized.  It’s not like there is a stockpile of anti-CRISPR therapeutics lying around (although it may be prudent to start thinking about it).

Perhaps more than any other European nation, Italy has been dealing with the flood of African and Middle Eastern immigrants for years now. Entire regions of once beautiful Italian cities have become de facto slums and tensions are rising between the invaders and the Italians.

But, but, but…Sir Desmond Jones has stated that Italy is 100% ethnoracially homogenous and will remain so forever and ever, to the ends of time, amen.  When reality and Der Movement are in conflict, of course Der Movement wins!